Tuesday, March 5, 2013

AR - How Arkansas SB653 Will Ruin the Lives of Innocent Children

NOTE: At the end of the video it mentions SB-12 which is incorrect. It's SB-653 that is the problem.

Video Description:
This little girl's father will be eligible to be removed from the Arkansas Sex Offender Registry this June. Arkansas is proposing a bill, SB653 (PDF), that will remove eligibility for her father (and thousands of others) forever.

This is a video recording her reaction to the news that her daddy might be on the registry for life. She was not aware that she was being recorded. This was not scripted or acted in any way. This is very, very real.

This law will only ruin the lives of innocent family members, many of whom have already waited fifteen years for their loved one to have a chance to be removed from the registry.

This law will in no way, protect anyone from anything. The Dept. of Justice says the reoffense rate of registered sex offenders in the US is approximately 5%, and most that do reoffend do so within 3 years of release. After 15 years, if an offender has not reoffended, the likelihood that they ever will is virtually non-existent.

Everyone makes mistakes, but people deserve a second chance. Even sex offenders!

And this child is no less deserving of a normal life than any other child in America. Passing this law will ruin her life because it will mean she will never be able to have a normal childhood. She will never be able to have friends over or sleepovers like her friends do and will always live in fear as a target for bullying because her daddy will be seen on the public registry. She is only in the 5th grade. She has a long road ahead of her.

Please Vote NO on SB653!!! Please give this girl, her father, and her family a CHANCE at a normal life. She is an innocent child. She has never committed any crime. Continuing punishing HER for something her daddy did is JUST PLAIN WRONG!

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Randy said...

Children of all SOs need to contact the ACLU to see if they can sue for personal rights and personal damages.

SOIssues said...

We totally agree. We need more videos like this so the politicians can see what devastating effects the laws are causing families who are also punished.

loneranger said...

remember if it saves just one child never mind how many we sacrifice to do so. Kind of counter productive I would say.

SOIssues said...

We think it's mostly due to nobody speaking out, especially the children and family whose lives are being ruined by a loved one being on the registry.

We think more people should do this and talk directly to the legislature so they have to look in the face of those they are also punishing!

You know, out of sight, out of mind, so we need to be in their face!