Wednesday, March 6, 2013

AL - ReFORM-AL at the HB 85 public Hearing

Video Description:
On Wed. Feb. 27, 2013, the Alabama House Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on HB 85, a sex offender anti-clustering law. Derek Logue, this day representing ReFORM-AL, was among the half dozen there to oppose the bill.

There to promote the bill was State Rep. Kurt Wallace, who sponsored the bill, and a prosecutor in his district named CJ Robinson. Robinson in particular spouted many distorted statistics. While claiming sex offenders have a 90% recidivism rate, he admitted the registrants in his county have not been accused of a new sex crime.

Note also Robinson received far too much time to speak, while I was cut off before the two minute mark.

Following my testimony was testimony from members of Shiloni Transformation Ministries, which was negatively impacted by a countywide anti-clustering ordinance. A member of the Southern Center for Human Rights also testified against the bill.

Visit ReFORM-AL for more info on HB 85's anti-clustering bill.


deathklok said...

I wish these short sighted politicians would fight this hard to get the residency restrictions lifted. These restrictions have spiraled into some strange form of controlled chaos. We just need to pull the plug on it.

Personally i would not want to live in a neighborhood with 30+ RSO's. I've read the odds and know it only takes one fugnut to screw it up for the rest of them!

SOIssues said...

We agree, especially if we had children, but again, we all know not all ex-sex offenders have harmed children like the public has been brainwashed to believe, and we also know that the very laws that these ignorant, grandstanding politicians have passed, are what has created the clustering in the first place, like Derek mentioned at the end of Part 1, but they cannot comprehend that, could care less, or are just protecting their jobs.

deathklok said...

It is a testament in having that many registrants living in such close quarters with a 85-90% recidivism rate as the DA accused; How come there hasn't been a rash of sex crimes committed throughout the neighborhood? He couldn't even point to one new case! And no one on the panel even lifted an eyebrow at that. I thought it was supposed to be a "Hearing".

SOIssues said...

Totally agree. If recidivism was as high as everybody claims, like you said, there would be more crimes being committed. They've just heard sound bites before and they continue to use them over and over, even though they are false. They expect the sheeple to take their word for it I guess.