Saturday, March 30, 2013

AL - Jeff. Co. B'ham Al crazy arrest

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted, as was sent, with the users permission.

By P:
i was arrested in june 2002 for sexual abuse 1st i was 19 the girl was 18 my 6000 dollar lawyer advised me to plead guilty to 1yr 1day split 30 days to serve or i would get 10 yrs if i lost at trial which is usually the case even in he said she said anyway fastforward over 10 yrs my wife called 911 about 6 months ago at 4A.M. thinking there was a burglar the operator told us to step outside so the deputies could see us so we stepped on the porch they ask our names and i guess ran them finding out i was a SO my wallet was 6to7 feet away i was in basketball shorts no shirt at 4 in the morning just awoken by an intruder and they arrested me for SO with no id on my wifes porch and its a felony i am really interested in your cause and just wanted to share that by the way they took not a single second to look for the prowler its a joke here i have never been in trouble for another sex offense and i never will its something that haunts me everyday i was a kid hooking up with a drunk girl 1 yr younger than me and her boyfriend came in so she said it was forced but there were no bruises no scratches on me and my very christian parents were upstairs asleep in a 290,000 dollar home so i just dont know what to do where should i move? i hate it here there is no difference between any SO's here and registration is for life please let me know what you think thank you

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