Thursday, February 28, 2013

WA - Man shot by Seattle police near Carkeek Park dies; was registered sex offender and a Schizophrenic

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This article says the man was a Schizophrenic. What ever happened to doing everything possible to spare a human life? Now it’s take a life and ask questions later!  They could have tranquilized the man without killing him!


A man shot multiple times by police in northwest Seattle has died at Harborview Medical Center, according to police sources, who say the man was a registered sex offender convicted of attacking a woman two years ago near the scene of Tuesday night's shooting.

The man, identified by sources as [name withheld], 21, was charged with second-degree assault with intent to commit rape after attacking a woman jogging in Carkeek Park in October 2011. A Department of Corrections spokeswoman told The Seattle Times a warrant had been issued for his arrest on Jan. 28 after he failed to report to his community corrections officer and his treatment provider.

Officers responded Tuesday night to reports of a domestic disturbance and possible hostage situation near the park. A caller told dispatchers that a man was threatening to hold his father hostage with a knife.

Detective Mark Jamieson says officers were able to separate the suspect and his father, but the suspect continued to be difficult.

According to police, [name withheld] fled the scene and crouched behind a parked car.

"One of the pursuing officers slipped and fell near the suspect's feet and then suddenly the suspect raised up from his crouched position holding a large piece of metal in his hand," Jamieson said.

Officers fired, striking [name withheld] several times.

In the October 2011 attack, court documents say [name withheld] jumped from a park bench on a remote park trail and grabbed a woman from behind in a choke hold, throwing her down and pushing her head to the ground.

The woman was able to fight him off, according to police.

[name withheld] reportedly apologized and ran from the park, calling 911 to tell police he'd just attacked a woman.

Seattle police plan to brief the media on the shooting sometime Thursday.

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Loneranger said...

So if this man had not been a sex offender they wouldn't have shot him? Or because he was it made it ok. Was the officer truly in danger? Why did they need to shoot him multiple times? Frankly if a person is hit even once they probably have something else to think about then hitting someone. Bad cop no doughnut.