Sunday, February 17, 2013

Promoting a Fair Sex Offender Registry

Video Description:
We hang out with Shana from and talk about smarter registries for convicted sex offenders.

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Agreed that registries are ineffective because they focus on additional punishment instead of prevention. If child sexual abuse is to be eliminated, this is what must be done:
1. Legislators must mandate sexual abuse be taught in schools starting with the first grade and continue through high school.
2. A registry. must be established for ALL persons who have the responsibility for the academic, spiritual or recreational education of children. This includes teachers, coaches and pastors. This will put the focus on prevention. It is clear that in most cases, once a person is convicted and punished, they are not likely to re-offend.
3. Parents must be held accountable for allowing their child to be sexually abused. For example, one of Sandusky's teenage victims arrived home after a sleepover without his underwear. He did this twice and his mother was merely curious.

Examine the next published case of child sexual abuse and you will find these three elements: the child did not know what was happening or how to stop and report it. The abuser was never made aware of the seriouse consequenses of his or her act. And finally, could the parent have prevented the abuse?
Passing a law requiring all children to know what abuse is, how to stop it by reporting it will begin to prevent child sexual abuse. My book, Is That a Sexual Predator Hiding Behind That Badge? looks at former law enforcement officers convicted of child sexual abuse and answers the questions who abuses and how, and why and when, and where. But it also discusses what must be done to prevent it. Read it at no charge at whowrotewhat,net/badge