Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OH - You & The Law "Sex Offender Laws" (Part 1)

Video Description:
Learn about Sex Offender Laws on this episode of "You & The Law" with guest host Matthew Arntz, Esq., and guests Judge Mary Kate Huffman and Jim Dare, Deputy Court Administrator.

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Loneranger said...

Interesting. They craft the sentence to fit the individual. Only to a point. The judge can only do so much to craft as she says anything. So even if a person went to jail for six months their life is over. Jail time and probation are bad however they don't hold a candle to what the public does to the offender. Lack of housing and employment both a condition of probation or parole lead to a return to jail. Somehow one has to think the deck is stacked. Even so sex offenders do stay out of trouble. Given every trap that might be set to up the re-offence rate they still have the lowest. How bazaar to think they can change. But at the end of the day it's meaningless as society has no understanding of this. There will always be some disgruntle neighbor to come along or someone at work that wants to run you out. that is if you can get a job in the first place. The Judge made that clear. A job and housing are very hard to find. One would think it's not the offender you need to worry about but the public and what crimes they might enact toward the offender. The more information you provide some people with the chance that it will be miss used increases. Doesn't anyone see this? Yep and no one gives a rats butt unless of course it's them. To make rehabilitation meaningless along with any sort of normal reentry any work a offender does to rehabilitate themselves is lost as they are still an out cast. Scorned for life and subject to the whims of whoever wants to use this as leverage. But still they endure. Still they keep a clean record and maybe the only reward is they know they have survived. to what end who knows. Remember life is a very long time.