Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OH - Dublin Could Ban Sex Offenders From Parts Of Community Rec Center, Community Pools

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When will the insanity stop?  The people in most of the places mentioned below are adults, and they make it sound like ex-sex offenders are just waiting for any opportunity to sexually assault someone.  Give me a break!


DUBLIN - Dublin City officials are looking at how to keep registered sex offenders from some areas of community recreation centers.

Currently, sex offenders are free to access all areas of the Dublin Community Recreation Center and the two Dublin community pools.

A new proposal looks to change that policy.

The new policy would require members to allow their personal information checked against the national sex offender database.

With that database checklist, we would be able to identify individuals with any kind of history,” said Matt Earman, the director of Dublin Recreation Services.

Under the new policy, sex offenders would be prohibited from entering pass-restricted areas of the facilities, including locker rooms, pools and weight rooms. They would still have access to public areas.

Earman stresses that no particular incident prompted the proposed policy.

The only event that we identify is the ability for us to minimize the risk; we want to make sure we are ahead of the game,” he said.

Earman said he’s aware of other communities nationally that have similar policies, but none in central Ohio.

City council is expected to vote on the proposed policy at Monday’s meeting.

Earman said if passed it could be implemented as early as next week.


SOIssues said...

Since when do young kids hang out in fitness centers? Rarely!

Macintosh said...

The insanity won't stop during your lifetime. America has a love for sending people to jail and prison. It's a growth industry.

nathan rabalais said...

Wait last time I checked it's mostly guys who are in high school or guys who liked working out used the weight room not little kids