Wednesday, February 20, 2013

NY - WOW! - USA Fair fund raiser for litigation against New York's e-STOP law

Yesterday, USA FAIR sent out an email looking to raise $2,500 by March 1st to fund our pending litigation against New York State's eStop law, which restricts law abiding former offenders from accessing social networks.

To our immense excitement and gratitude, in less than 24 hours, as of the sending of this email, we have raised $1,990 - leaving us just $510 short!

If you haven't made a pledge yet, could you step up now and help put us over the top? You can do so by clicking HERE.

The sooner we have the $2,500 retainer the sooner we can file the case. And if we already reached our goal by the time you go online, please still give to help cover the additional expenses such as court filing fees, printing expenses, etc.

We are planning our first major press conference on the day we file and we'll give you advance notice before it happens.

A thousand thanks - or 2,500 thanks to be exact!

Shana Rowan
Executive Director


nathan rabalais said...

Shana alot of us don't have money but we all are rooting for you

Mark said...

A couple of other states and federal courts have found denial to social sites, viz: Face Book against offenders unconstitutional. Good! The bad: Louisiana amended the unconstitutional law to now MANDATE that offenders IDENTIFY themselves on Face book as offenders - nice huh? And of course the other couple of states are now in process to amend their draconian laws to narrowly squeak by the court rulings. So here with USA Fair, I commend their actions, but I see the "bitter with the sweet" as there is now case precedent to prevail in the courts; but the state of New York will not tolerate a defeat and offenders can, and may pay the price if and when a new "amended" law re-surfaces. A classic "Hobson's Choice" maybe to come??