Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NY Law - Do / Should Sex Offenders Have Rights?

Video Description:
Picking up after "Sex Offenders: Rights vs. Protection," Brad Sussman continues the provocative interview with Prof Heather Cucolo on what we think and need to know about this problem of society. Anger, fear and justice all have to be considered. This is the full un-edited version of the broadcast version.


SOIssues said...

We left this brief comment on the video:

"Everybody has rights, period!"

Eric Knight said...

So basically, it comes to this:
When an individual commits a rape, he is sane.
When he's arrested for the rape, he is sane.
When he's charged, indicted, and ultimately convicted of his crime, he is sane.
When he's sentenced to years in prison, he is sane.
When he's up for parole during that time, he is sane and parole is denied.
Finally...when his sentence is maxed out...ONLY THEN is he considered insane!
Therefore... if I were a defense attorney, I would be suing for WRONGFUL INCARCERATION of a person, because how can an otherwise sane person become insane just before his release date?
This should be tried...