Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NY - Laura Ahearn - "Sex Offenders That Are Complying With Registration Have Lower Rates of Recidivism"

Sex offenders in general already have a low recidivism rate, if you'd look at the facts instead of believing what you think is right.

Video Description:
Laura Ahearn, Executive Director of Parents for Megan's Law, talks to Richard French about the new sweeping sex offender law that has been passed in Suffolk County, New York.

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Loneranger said...

Well isn't this a neat deal. You hire the ones that have lied the most to monitor the people they hate. Then empower them to supervise at will. One would think if they go just one step to far they can be sued. But probably not as what ever they do right or wrong will somehow be necessary for their perception of public safety. The fact that they say now that recidivism is much lower for the ones that do register is only to say see we are the ones making this happen. Fact is they have little or no impact on the situation. If someone will register they have nothing to hide and have been this way for many years. For them to treat them like dangerous criminals when in fact they are now law abiding citizens is tragic as they are even paid to do so. I did notice she side stepped any questions about how they spread lies about the rate of Recidivism clearly to show they are needed. Gee they can create a whole company by simply telling lies. Then almost brag about how low the rates are when it will look like they had any effect. Perfect. Does anyone else see this. What a waist of money. Create a need and then fill that need manipulate things to make it look like you have an impact and then charge a huge fee to do so. One might think this is some kind of scam. but they do go around and hassle people and I'm sure that makes them feel important.

deathklok said...

"Sex Offenders That Are Complying With Registration Have Lower Rates of Recidivism"

Another amazing fact is that registrants that inhale and exhale live longer.

deathklok said...

It's an amazing industry.

SOIssues said...

Yes it is.