Sunday, February 17, 2013

NY - Here comes the attack!

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By Shana Rowan

USA FAIR is engaging the media on the inappropriate $2.7 million contract that Suffolk County is awarding to Parents For Megan’s Law to monitor former sex offenders.

Extreme ideological victims advocate groups should not be paid public funds to monitor the very people they demonize. It sets a disturbing precedent that we do not want to see spread across the country.

This is the first time that Parents For Megan’s Law has been directly challenged by the family members of people required to register and its Executive Director, Laura Ahearn, has responded by falsely accusing me of being a member of NAMBLA. Ahearn made this baseless accusation to “Riverhead Local” in an article on Suffolk County’s new misguided approach to sex offender management. You can read it HERE.

This is the “big smear” directed at anyone who was ever involved with RSOL – an organization that supports age of consent laws and was never affiliated with NAMBLA. The mere notion that parents and spouses of registrants are activists to promote man-boy love would be laughable – if it wasn’t so slanderous.

Yet, this attack on me only underscores USA FAIRs concern with Laura Ahearn being given a quasi-policing role. Law enforcement needs to deal in facts and evidence and Ms. Ahearn has a poor history with both. We have tried to get her to take down misleading recidivism statistics from her website to no avail – and now she makes a damning false attack on me based on a blog post by “Evil-Unveiled” an anonymous vigilante hate group. That is not the behavior of a fair minded and objective person who should be entrusted with monitoring other people’s lives.

We will continue to shine the light on this contract, which was sole-sourced by Suffolk County without any opportunity for an open or competitive process – because as they say… sunshine is the best disinfectant.

You can read this contract HERE (PDF).


deathklok said...

I hope this racket gets the publicity and exposure it deserves. I would like to see the FBI to begin an investigation ASAP into the corruption that's taking place in Suffolk County. All because officials feel they're future career is being held hostage if they appear soft on Registrants. It's our own creation by allowing law enforcement, politicians, and the media to continue using the phrase "Sex Offender" which scares the bejeezus out of the uneducated citizens in the community who discover that one is residing near them. These scare tactics open doors for opportunists and ideologists like Laura Ahern to come along like the 'Pied Piper' and save the community. We've taken a few isolated horrific tragedies and created a maelstrom of scenario's where you would think registrants have nothing better to do but prey on innocent women and children in parks, schools, and malls. But, that's not the reality now Is it? In the seven years that these trailers have housed registrants, How many women and children in the community have been sexually abused by these residents? Has the community seen an increasing spike in crime?

I am Woman Hear me Think said...

"ideological victims advocate groups should not be paid public funds to monitor the very people they demonize."

Word! You go, Shana!!

If monitoring this population is such a priority, and imperative to my and my child's safety, then the government should find the funds to do set it up and do it themselves. Cut defense spending? Fire some more teachers? Sure, go for it!

As a non-registrant and mother I am appalled that they make it sound like it is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing related to women and children's safety, but they (the government) cannot find the funds to make this happen. Well, which is it????

Is my safety and my child's life and safety not worth a few extra bucks and effort?????

Emergency measure? To circumvent the normal channels? This stinks to high heaven!