Tuesday, February 19, 2013

NV - I-Team: Officers Keeping 24-Hour Watch on Sex Offender

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Wow, pure hysteria! They didn't even monitor serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer 24/7, and he dismembered and ate people! You'd think the person mentioned below was Hitler or something.


By Nathan Baca

LAS VEGAS - Nevada Parole and Probation officers are keeping a 24-hour watch on a man who they said is the most dangerous sex offender in Las Vegas.

Although the man was arrested just days ago in a sting operation, the officers requested the man's identity not be revealed because he is still being investigated.

"This is actual eyes on," parole Sgt. Brian Zana said. "This is someone in the law enforcement community literally having eyes on him."

"It does take a lot of effort, but so does having to deal with a new victim."

Despite his recent arrest, the officers said they are fed up and have learned during their patrols that sex offenders are getting a dangerous message: Jails are too overcrowded and courts too overburdened to punish them for parole violations.

Possession of sexual triggers including porn, alcohol and drugs often result in little or no consequences.

The sex offender believed to be so dangerous may inspire a new law and return enforcement power to parole agents.
- Enforcement should be in the hands of probation and parole, like it originally was, not some blanket, unconstitutional law!

According to police reports, starting at age 17, the sex offender molested his sister and two neighbor girls, including a 6-year-old.

The sex offender's psychological exams were met with alarm.

He was diagnosed as a pedophiliac with schizoid traits who fantasized about rape.

The police said the offender told doctors it was not a matter of if he'd rape again, but when.
- So why wasn't he committed and given treatment?

"We've partnered up with a unit over at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and we are able to continue 24-hour surveillance," Zana said. "We're able to learn some of his habits. What he's been doing. He's homeless currently. During the day he rides the bus. He flirts and hits on females of all ages and types. He doesn't have a specific type. He doesn't have a specific age like most sex offenders."
- So if he doesn't exclusively like underage children, then by definition, he's not a pedophile!

Parole and Probation recently rearrested the offender when an officer posed as a teenager to meet him at a park.

Police asked the I-Team to not reveal his name until his first court hearing, fearing that the offender would realize the extraordinary measures taken to keep an eye on him.

Zana said he believes a new law would keep repeat offenders in prison, preventing the expense and effort of 24-hour surveillance.
- So which costs more, 24 hour surveillance or prison for longer?  What about getting the person treatment?

Zana was writing the new law, but learned from the state Legislature it would not be passed this year, because it is not considered a legislative priority at this time.

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