Tuesday, February 5, 2013

MT - Bill would require violent and sexual offenders to submit DNA

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This is just nothing but grandstanding, in our opinion. If he really wanted to help put a dent in crime, he'd get the DNA of ALL ex-felons and even all citizens, from birth. Then if a crime is committed where DNA is available, they can test it, then find the person.


By John S. Adams

HELENAAttorney General Tim Fox urged members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to move a bill aimed at cracking down on sexual and violent offenders who move to Montana from other states.

Fox, along with representatives from the state crime lab and law enforcement and local prosecutor groups, testified in favor of the measure, which would require sexual or violent offenders who move to Montana to submit a DNA sample to a state DNA database.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Cliff Larsen, D-Missoula, said current laws contain a “loophole” that leaves crimes unsolved.

When a sexual or violent offender from another state is released from supervision, that offender is able to move to Montana and register as a sexual or violent offender, but that offender does not have to provide a DNA sample to be entered into the state database,” Larsen said. “This loophole affects public safety in that only by having these DNA profiles in the Montana state DNA database can many heinous unsolved cases be solved and can future crimes be prevented.”

Montana is one of four states that doesn’t require such sampling.

Fox said without the new legislation in place, law enforcement officers may be unable to solve many of the cold cases that are in the Montana state DNA database.

Fox said DNA sampling has lead to arrests in convictions in other states. He cited an example from Wyoming, in which authorities solved a 1990 rape case after a registered violent offender submitted a DNA sample to Wyoming’s state DNA database.

Fox said the victim was sleeping with her young child in bed at home when she was assaulted and raped at knife point. Investigators developed a DNA profile of the perpetrator based on biological evidence from the crime. The perpetrator was imprisoned in another state for an offense which, at the time, did not require a DNA sample be submitted for database storage. When the perpetrator was released from prison, he moved back to Wyoming, where he was required to submit a DNA sample when he registered as a sexual offender. When authorities entered the DNA profile into the database, it connected him to the 1990 rape case.

This common-sense change not only gets Montana up to speed with most other states, but may lead law enforcement and prosecutors to criminals who should be in prison for unsolved crimes and prevent them from committing future harm against our children or other members of society,” Fox said.

No opponents testified against the measure Monday. The bill is expected to clear the committee later this week.


Loneranger said...

This makes no sense. Lets take a look at their logic. this new law can help solve old crimes? the person just moved there so when did they commit these crimes if they were never there? If in fact they have some record of them living in the state during the time of a crime that was committed years ago maybe they can see them as a person of interest and then get a sample. To prevent future crimes can only be accomplished if they are able to prove this person committed a crime in the past and solve a cold case. To prevent crime would be accomplished by arresting and prosecuting and then placing in prison. Ok I guess but doesn't statutes of limitations come into play? One has to listen carefully to what they say and then judge if they have a clue or not. Sometimes statements made by law makers are tossed out hoping no one calls them on it. I think they should make a law requiring everyone to submit to a dna sample. Let them solve every old crime they can and be done with it. Also free the ones falsely convicted along with a cash settlement for the states wrong doing. If you have never committed a crime and are not a criminal in hiding you should never question but just submit. After all this is for the good of all. Once we all do this future crimes will be reduced as we will be able to solve all crimes where dna is found. If you will not comply you must be hiding something and a criminal that needs dealt with. Refusal should be a mandatory five year sentence as that would be justice for whatever you might have done. To be followed by being placed on the sex offender registry or one similar so you can be tracked if you will not submit to a sample. Without a sample on record you can not hold a job as your identity can not be properly established.
Remember this is regulatory and civil law applies. You have no constitutional protection when it comes to regulatory if it is for the safety of our children. Oh what a wicked web we weave.

deathklok said...

I guess this idjut aint never heard of CODIS.