Monday, February 11, 2013

MS - Bill to make unregistered sex offenders wear GPS

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JACKSON (AP) - The Mississippi Senate has passed a bill that would make unregistered sex offenders wear GPS tracking bracelets and require local governments to notify the public when offenders move to their neighborhood.

Lenora's Law is named for 59-year-old Lenora Edhegard who was killed in her Brandon home last year. Her neighbor and convicted felon who used a fake address to register as a sex offender but was living in a different town has been charged with murder.
- Even if he was wearing a GPS and at a fake address, this would not prevent something like this from happening again!

The bill would require using tracking technology if the accused are convicted of failing to register their residence.
- Isn't failing to register a crime (See Here) which would cause a warrant to be issued for someones arrest? Why is this law even needed?

The law would require localities to use the Web, including social networks, to spread word of sex offenders moving into town.

Sex offenders who do not comply with the monitoring face a $5,000 fine and five years in prison.

The bill moves to the House.

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1 comment :

NJ45143112 said...

I guess in Mississippi it's considered bad form if journalists don't say something stupid now and again...
"I have an idea!"
"Let's write an article about a law passed to fine people that are already subject to arrest! I'm sure they can pay the fine whilst behind bars!"
"Yeah, that makes sense!"

I scares me less that this guy was allowed to roam free without any oversight by probation than it does that some boob in government seems to think that another do-nothing law will do the job of probation...