Friday, February 15, 2013

MI - Congressional Testimony: Wendy Beal to Bill Windsor of Lawless America

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Loneranger said...

Back in the day they used to do frontal lobotomies on ones deemed mentally ill. they sterilized them and institutionalized them for life. Back in the day they also had places for people with tuberculosis that were just a place to die. These things are in our not to distant past. These methods were state of the art. Excepted methods for the protection of society. We look back at these times as barbaric and inhuman. More like the times when they would burn someone as a witch as ignorance ruled. I have to wonder if the methods described by this woman will be seen as the same someday. Barbaric and torturous methods condoned by an ignorant society. This eleven year old boy was put through all this because he was said to have touched a girl. Gee who has touched him? Well i'm sure lots but it was in the name of helping him right? showed him pictures of naked girls i'm sure were his own age or close. Punished him for being interested and so on. Where does it all end? When asked what is normal I bet they can't tell you. but they sure can use their barbaric methods if someone says its ok. Well lets just hope they are not into surgically correcting a problem. Oh wait some states want castration.
to go along with the rest of their barbaric methods.

Someday maybe in fifty or a hundred years from now we can look back and say hey what were they thinking. Or maybe not. As long as it's legal it will be done. Logic will never play a part as long as we have politicians passing laws with no idea where they might end up. they seldom look at history when making laws. So the same mentality that sanctioned frontal lobotomies prevails.

I'm sure any politician will argue I'm wrong and they use only the best data when passing laws. I'm sure they don't use any data when passing laws because if they did nothing they say would be valid. However there is nothing that can stop them from passing ignorant ill conceived laws that enable such acts. Acts that are seen as cruel and unusual in most every other country but this one. Wow we have really evolved from the days of burning witches.