Monday, February 25, 2013

MA - Sex offenders’ $1.2M tab

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By Erin Smith

The state’s most dangerous sex predators ran up a $1.2 million taxpayer-funded legal tab last year by quietly using an obscure provision in state law that lets them hire public defenders to go behind closed doors and argue to keep their identities and whereabouts secret, a Herald review found.

Since 2003, when the state ordered the most dangerous, or Level 3, sex offenders be posted on a public website, convicts have flooded the Committee for Public Counsel Services with requests for lower, laxer classification. Since then, the public defenders’ office has had to shell out skyrocketing sums for lawyers to take those cases before the Sex Offenders Registry Board.

Last year alone, the bill to represent indigent convicts cost taxpayers $1,228,065. That’s up a hundredfold from $11,293 in 2002.

These sex offenders have already been criminally convicted in court. Now we’re handing them taxpayer-funded lawyers so they can attack our laws? It’s ludicrous,” said Laurie Myers, a longtime advocate for tougher laws for the state’s roughly 11,100 sex offenders. “This is an administrative hearing. If you get a traffic ticket, no one gives you a free lawyer.”
- Everybody is entitled to free legal counsel if they cannot afford it, based on the bill of rights!  That is part of the Miranda rights.

What’s more, the legal tab could rise even higher under a bill filed recently by state Rep. Brian Mannal. The Barnstable Democrat wants the registry board to contact all sex offenders requesting reclassification or removal from the online registry and inform them of their right to a hearing and a free, taxpayer-funded lawyer if they’re deemed indigent.

The classification system is key to public safety — making the difference between “high-risk” Level 3 offenders who must have their names, mug shots, crimes and addresses posted on the Web; “moderate-risk” Level 2 offenders, whose names are available only upon request from the board or local police departments, and “low-risk” Level 1 sex offenders, whose identities are available only to law enforcement and certain state agencies.
- The public registry (hit-list) should be taken offline and used by police only for all tier levels.  It's nothing more than a phone book for vigilantes to use to look up, harass and in some cases murder ex-sex offenders or an innocent person.

Unlike parole hearings for second-degree murderers, critics point out, hearings before the Sex Offender Registry Board are held behind closed doors and without notice, or input, from victims or their families.

The board does not report how many Level 3 offenders successfully got their classification knocked down to Level 2, nor how many Level 2 offenders got reclassified as Level 1. As a result, it’s impossible to determine how many of these sexual predators have gone on to commit new crimes.
- Sex offender does not equal sexual predator!

The Committee for Public Counsel Services said they’re just following the law by representing convicts in their classification appeals.

The Legislature obviously recognized that this was an important enabling issue. This isn’t something that CPCS has unilaterally decided is a good idea,” said Lisa Hewitt, general counsel at CPCS.

Rep. Mannal, a criminal defense attorney, defended his bill, saying, “I think for the folks that go through this process — while it’s not a criminal proceeding — it will have a lasting impact on their lives. Someone who doesn’t have a legal background could find themselves unmatched in this environment.”

Meanwhile, state Rep. Brad Jones (R-North Reading) has filed a bill to get taxpayers off the hook for paying convicted sex offenders’ legal fees.

After you’ve been convicted and the taxpayer has paid for your incarceration, now we’re going to have the taxpayer pay to say you’re not at risk of re-offending?” Jones said. “I think that’s an unjustifiable expense and it’s something that’s ballooned exponentially.”

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Loneranger said...

they sure have created a mess for themselves. costing the tax payer all that money. thing is they voted for it. they insist they need to be tough on crime and track people to the end of time. however when it looks like the cost of violating peoples constitutional rights is getting to expensive they cry this isn't fair. Well sorry but with laws that are not fair to begin with you must continue to defend them in court. why not just admit that this is a failed program and the tax payer can not afford it. Nope make some law that says we will not grant yet another constructional right to avoid being fair. they often talk about loopholes and how they need plug them up to avoid something perceived as being a benefit to someone on the registry. Maybe a way to get off this thing or maybe they were wrong in the first place so we need to tweak the law so we can avoid being wrong. What ever the problem it is always something painted to look like this enormous problem and the so clever sex offender will somehow take advantage of the system. Well just one more thing that isn't in their best interest as it cost having to follow the law. Well these laws cost everyone. It's not just the people that have to deal with being on the registry for life it's everyone one. Yes it costs when you create a system to track and legally hamstring people. Sorry but this is how it works and was meant to. This provides jobs for the ones that do the registering and jobs are freed up for other people as the ones on the registry can't get them. It provides jobs for the ones that administer public services for the poor. It provides jobs for the entire leagle system, these things cost money as well. As long as you keep this up you can look at this from two points of view. Your in a job creation mode that the tax payer pays for or nope only one way. Well share the wealth and get over the idea this costs the tax payer.After all it has been such a successful program. It has changed things for so many. created more government jobs,more inmates due to registry violations,Decreased the number of tax paying workers,added to every public assistance program known to man,More homeless on the streets oh the list of good this has done goes on forever. and at the end of the day they can not hold up the one child it has saved.

Macintosh said...

Ha ... servers them right.

It will only be a matter of time before they eliminate this program now that it's hit the news.

Remember: an average politician tries to solve problems. The most successful politicians create problems then offer to solve them.