Tuesday, February 26, 2013

IN - One man commits a crime and all sex offenders are punished for it?

Sex offender = Scapegoat?
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By Russ McQuaid

After a convicted rapist was set free from the Marion County Jail last summer only to be charged with rape in Greenwood shortly afterwards, changes have been put into place to keep sex offenders in Indianapolis behind bars and off the streets.

[name withheld] is accused of brutally raping a young mother at the Ashmore Trace apartments just days after his release from the Marion County Jail. [name withheld] had been arrested for the sexual assault of an Eastside woman, but that charge was dropped when she couldn’t positively identify her attacker.

Investigators said [name withheld] and his family members lied about the convicted rapist’s sex offender status and that’s why he was free to attack again.
- You are blaming this on the family members?  When a person is convicted of a crime and booked into jail, isn't a background check done or all their records available?  If so, then they knew, or overlooked it, and released the man.  Also, he was never charged with the crime mentioned above, so was he a sex offender before this arrest, or are you just labeling him that because you want to?

Due to pretrial publicity, jury selection for [name withheld]'s trial was held in Bloomington Monday. That jury includes eight men and four women. His trial is set to begin Tuesday in Johnson County.

The case has certainly gotten the attention of local officials, influencing them to make some key changes.
- Yeah in the usual knee-jerk fashion.  He hasn't even been convicted of the crime, yet the politicians are already jumping to pass more draconian laws!

Marion County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Hubbs oversees a team of detectives that digs deeper into the criminal records of sex offenders arrested in Indianapolis and determines if there are any additional charges they might be held on after misdemeanors or unrelated arrests.

A lot of times these sex offenders are processed on criminal matters unrelated as to why they’re on the list and they’re providing information, address information or vehicle registry information, which is either erroneous or hasn’t been reported to us that could in itself substantiate a criminal charge,” Hubbs told Fox59.

Hubbs said if a shoplifter or drunk driver is a sex offender, and found in violation of his registry rules, that person could be held on additional charges even if the original case is dropped or the person makes bail.
- WTF?  If a person has committed a sex crime in the past, served their time, and is now off probation / parole, then they commit some other crime, then charge them with that crime if their is proof he/she did it.  Their sex offender label should have nothing to do with it if it wasn't another sex related crime.

Three hundred sex offenders have been booked since August on unrelated offenses and then, based on our investigations, out of those 300 roughly investigations, we’ve filed over 30 felony charges,” he said.

Those additional charges are often enough to hold an offender in jail or until his home county revokes his status.

I am confident today that with those over 30 felony arrests we made, this could have easily prevented a heinous crime like the [name withheld] incident,” said Hubbs.
- We doubt it!

This past weekend, sheriff’s deputies alerted California authorities that a west coast sex offender was in the Marion County Jail.

Sex offenders are also required to wear white jumpsuits while in jail to distinguish them from other prisoners and so that they’ll receive additional attention from deputies.
- Yeah, put a bullseye on them so other prisoners can target them for harassment!

Hubbs said at least two sex offenders a day are booked into the Arrestee Processing Center, often for non-sex offender-related charges.


Chuck N said...

Indiana has a 1.05% same crime type recidivism rate among sex offenders: http://www.in.gov/idoc/files/IDOCRecidivism.pdf and at the same time page 21 of this IDOC report: http://www.in.gov/idoc/files/05_07RecidivismRpt.pdf shows by far and away the majority of registrants that are returned to prison, are done so for technical violations. I doesn't seem to say what percentage are returned with a new felony charge related to violating the stipulations of the SO registry.

SOIssues said...

Thanks, we've added these two documents to our recidivism studies.