Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ID - House to Debate Doubling Sex Offender (Extortion) Fee to Support Electronic Registry

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BOISE — An Idaho House committee has agreed to introduce a bill that would double the fees charged to sex offenders to help pay for a statewide electronic registry.

The bill pushed by the Idaho Sheriff's Association was introduced Tuesday in the House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee.

Some of Idaho's biggest counties — including Ada, Canyon and Kootenai — are already plugged into an electronic network tracking addresses and movement of sex offenders on probation or parole. But many smaller counties still track and exchange sex offender movement on paper.

Sheriff's Association lobbyist Michael Kane says doubling the $40 annual fee offenders now pay would raise about $150,000.

The money would be enough to bring all Idaho counties online and link Idaho's network into a similar database shared by 35 other states.

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Dad said...

I live in a state Iowa that has a law that says existing criminal records can not be redistributed or sold once released. So why is this continuing to go on? I wonder how many people trying to live a stable honest life will now go underground and not be living a life that's good for the public. Sorarchiv claims to be a public service but all I can see is division, forcing people into hiding and being an actual detriment to society. The law enforcement in our country all ready has a problem with finding those on the registry. Now you make it so they will always be hiding and it damages our society. Just think how much money now will spent to fight arrests from defendants because there is no light at the end. Everyone will fight as there is no need for plea bargains etc. you have a life sentence so you will fight the charge. It's all about money with these guys. The sad thing is they will probably just go away and leave the site up and running. Another thing will be suicide. I can imagine despondent folks trying to live a constructive life finding their info up online and saying why try? The extortionist vilify, the government and law enforcement stands by and grins or turns their back.