Tuesday, February 5, 2013

FL - City Council seeks public input on sex offender laws

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Once again, they are putting all ex-sex offenders into one group, someone who harms children, which is a flat out lie and deceitful. If the law affected those who committed their crimes near schools or a park, then it would make more sense, but this affects everybody.


FORT MYERS - The Fort Myers City Council is considering tougher restrictions on registered sex offenders. If passed, sex offenders must stay at least 300 feet from parks and schools. The question is whether the proposed rule is too strict or exactly what is needed to protect the city's children.

Tonight, the city is holding a public hearing and wants to know what people think.

Currently, state law prohibits a sex offender from living less than 1,000 feet from public places where children might be present. This ordinance would add an extra layer to that, specifying that an offender can't be present 300 feet from a school, park, daycare, etc. Civil rights groups have complained the proposed rule is too strict, leaves few options for sex offenders and is essentially a way to get them back into jail. Some residents say they don't have much sympathy for that argument.

This rule mimicks one that is already in effect in Lee County.

The public hearing on the matter will take place at the 4:30 City Council meeting, and that portion of the agenda is set to take place after 5:00 p.m.

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whenyougonnawakeup said...

Done deal - Not. One. Speaker. Against.

"City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that mirrors a 2009
county ordinance, which prevents sexual offenders and predators from
hanging around a designated "Child Safety Zone." - !!! "No citizens were present to voice opposition during the meeting." !!!


shiners said...

I hope laws continue to be passed.
Eventually, there will be so many laws on the books and there will be so many unintended consequences that the system will collapse on itself.

Unintended consequences:
1. No money for school systems
2. Sex offender clusters
3. Government forced to create temporary housing for those released from prison, and get set up next to affluent areas thereby decreasing property value (ha!)
4. Lack of police presence since they are forced to monitor non-violent sex offenders who will likely never re-offend.
5. Longer prison sentences cost taxpayers more

What I find amazing is that the public sees sex offenders as being more dangerous than a murderer, thief, bank robber, home burglar, drunk driver, gang leader, and drug pusher. Yet all those can finish their sentence and move on with their lives.

Chatting with an underage girl online about sex (is worse than) killing a child while driving under the influence
Getting a 16 year old to flash her breasts (is worse than) give a 16 year old cocaine
Having consensual sex with a 17 year old (is worse than) leading a gang to assault victims on the street

The punishment doesn't fit the crime.
The term sex offender should be dedicated to ONLY rapists, forceful molestation of children younger than 14 years old, and kidnapping with intent to commit a sexual act.
While crimes relating to underage victims should be punished; they should not be labeled sex offenders. I think fear must be in play in order for crimes to move to the next level. Just like you have to fear for one's life in order to pull a gun for self defense.

Someone who convinced a 15 year old girl online to send them a nude picture should not be held to the same standards as a guy who kidnapped a girl and raped her at gunpoint.

If someone told a politician that they would make millions and have a long career ahead of them if they were pro-constitution and helped remove the sex offender laws they would do it in a heartbeat.

It's about money only. NOT safety.