Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't believe the lies!

Don't believe the lies!
Many times people who have committed a sex crime, or were the victim of one, therapists, the media, and others will tell you that "there is no cure," or "you will always be a victim!"

Don't believe the lies!

When someone gets hurt in a car crash and is paralyzed, the doctor may tell you that you will never walk again, or that you will die from cancer in a year or less, only to be proven wrong!

It's a form of brainwashing, hypnosis, or the placebo effect.

Don't believe the lies!

Don't buy their poison!
As long as you believe what they say, that you are a monster and cannot be cured, then that is probably what you will become, or if someone continues to tell you that you are a victim and will always be a victim, instead of a survivor, and that you will suffer for life, then chances are, that is what will happen.

Don't believe the lies!

Quit dwelling on the past, which you cannot change, and move on with your life.  Don't let the words of someone define you!

Don't accept their lies!

Remember, the media need victims for "news." Sex, fear and children trigger our deepest emotions, and they know that, it helps them with ratings and profits.

Politicians need victims to help themselves look like "saviors."

Companies need victims for profit.

Prisons need victims to keep the merry-go-round turning, and the profits rolling in. Remember, prison is a business, and money is almost always behind what someone says or does.



kikipt said...

Years ago, when I was in acupuncture school, one of my professors' mother had a stroke. The Western allopathic doctors told him she would never walk, speak or feed herself again. They wrote her off and planned to put her in a nursing home. It took months for him to get permission from his siblings to treat his mother with acupuncture, but within a few months after that she was walking, speaking and feeding herself - never at 100% of what she had previously been, but enough to lead a relatively normal life. Humans are far more resilient than we like to believe. I keep reminding myself of that in the current struggle. If we accept the myths and lies that are always being used to hamstring others, then we may as well give up.

Of course, the other side of the equation is that there is a lot of money to be made (far more than could be justified as needed for therapy) by victims, their families and especially their lawyers, so the myths have lots of supporters. There was an interesting discussion of this in the New York Times magazine a week ago ("Money is no cure" available online.)

Loneranger said...

I have noticed that some use the fact they are an established and proven victim to manipulate others for the rest of their lives. When one comes along to rescue the victim they are used until they can not rescue anymore/ then are seen as the offender as they can no longer do this and then they are the victim once again in need of rescue. A continued cycle. When if a person says they are a survivor they no long can cling to the victim benefit package of having someone rescue them. I know I will be beat profusely for say such a thing. However I'm sure if the truth were known no one could deny this happens.