Saturday, February 2, 2013

CT - Five Montville leaders to attend sex offender zones hearing

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Montville - At least five Montville leaders are planning to attend a hearing next week on a bill that would turn all Connecticut senior citizens centers into “safety zones,” making them off limits to registered sex offenders.

The General Assembly’s Aging Committee is holding a hearing beginning at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford.

Montville Senior Center Director Kathleen Doherty-Peck said she will be submitting written testimony to the committee and traveling to Hartford with Mayor Ron McDaniel and town councilors Billy Caron and Joseph Jaskiewicz. Doherty-Peck said she hopes to testify before the committee.

Several members of a group of 12 Eastern Connecticut senior center administrators are planning to write to the committee, said Doherty-Peck, who is one of the 12.

There’s a lot of support for this in the state of Connecticut,” she said Friday during a meeting of the Montville Seniors Organization at the Montville Senior Center. “Anything we can do help all of you.”

Seniors Organization President Sandra Stauffer has written a letter to the committee, citing the fact that Montville is the site of a sex offender facility as a reason the law would be particularly useful to Montville’s elderly.

Violent sex offenders usually don’t get rehabilitated,” Doherty-Peck said.

The Montville Town Council last month repealed the ordinance that the state legislation, Senate Bill 517 (PDF), is based on. Councilors were concerned about a possible lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union absent a state law. The vote was 7-0. State Sen. Cathy Osten, D-Sprague, is sponsoring the bill.

Town Councilor Rosetta Jones lead a 537-signature petition drive that called upon the Town Council to have a repeal vote or have a special town meeting. Jones is supporting the state bill and said Friday she will likely attend Tuesday’s hearing.

A majority of members of the town’s Commission on Aging supported repeal until a state law could be enacted. The Commission on Aging, which is chaired by Doherty-Peck, plans to hold a meeting Thursday, Feb. 7, with a vote on a commission position on safety zones among the agenda items.

There has never been a sexual assault at the Montville Senior Center, Doherty-Peck said, but she reports several “incidents” with sex offenders.


Loneranger said...

If this is really a problem then why do they not have many reported incidents? In recent history I have only read of one and I''m sure there must be others but really how often? This is much like the guy that was going to find a jack for his car and he didn't even have a flat tire. The idea that someone is a registered sex offender and this equates to someone that will offend someone doesn't track. Given this is a life time requirement one would think there is no rehabilitation for these people. this line of thinking also doesn't track. If a person is required to register for life then they have tracked and persecuted this person for many years and still haven't arrested them for a new crime. Oh they have tried i'm sure. Made every law they could to entrap them every way they could. Be it not registering every piece of information they ask for or going to the park. but still they can't jack the re-offence rate over five percent. So as the sex offender population ages the next and final destination like most will be a nursing home. We all know that these places are no more then a final destination for many. A place to be till the end comes and hope it's with some dignity. If a person and no mater what a sex offender is still a person needs to be placed in a home like this then they are probably close to the end. Hey we don't live forever. So if this is the case are they much of a danger? If they want to have safe zones then have them but also have places where they can go. If not are we to take them out in the woods and leave them to die? Are they making laws to force this to happen? As we age there is nothing that says we will not be alone and in need of places like this. Even if not there are times when it is beyond the abilities of our families. So what are they going to do with the 750,000 sex offenders? Remember this is for life for most and someday everyone of them will be faced with this situation. The list grows daily so the number of people ensnared in laws like this will stay constant forever. There is away that everyone can get along though. Make a law that nursing homes must have a separate ward for sex offenders. One that is equal to the rest but secures the peace of mind of the other tenants. A federal requirement that will take the homes licence if they are not in compliance. There problem solved.

treborjo said...

How are they going to enforce this? Are they now going to conduct background checks on every visitor to a senior center? What if a sex offender has an elderly parent or grand parent at one of these centers, now they are not allowed to see their loved one in what may be the last few years or months of their lives. There has never been a sexual assault at the Montville Senior Center, Doherty-Peck said, but she reports several “incidents” with sex offenders, so once again punish the masses for a few incidents at one facility.