Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CANADA - Reaction to Hudak's sex-offender policy

Video Description:
Leamington parent Paula Pimiskern explains why she supports making the sex-offender registry public.


SOIssues said...

Our comments left on the video:

"The online registry doesn't prevent / deter crime, nor does it protect anybody. If we must have an online shaming hit-list, then why not one for all other felons?

Not all ex-sex offenders harm children, and they have one of the lowest recidivism rates out there, yet we don't have an online registry for all other ex-felons... Why is that?

The registry should be taken offline and used by police only, or else, all criminal records should be online for all to see, for free, and get alerts, etc.

Just wait until your own child is slapped with the label, then I'm sure you'll see things differently.

Also, sex offender does not equal child molester, pedophile or predator, so stop pretending they are all the same."

treborjo said...

The public doesn't know how to handle this information. It causes panic just like this woman stated "now you have all these nervous parents".

The police know where this person is and they know how to properly monitor in this case a female sex offender. I'm sure her probation officer feels she is no danger otherwise she would not have been placed there.

The list does nothing to protect anybody, it just causes needless fear and outrage in the public. I'm sick of hearing people state that if they know where a sex offender lives then they can protect their kids. Instead they should be educating their kids not only about stranger danger but the bigger threat of friends and family!

Oh how the media has brain washed the public!