Friday, February 1, 2013

AZ - Lawmaker wants to track animal abusers like sex offenders

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By Sam Salzwedel

TUCSON - A Tucson lawmaker wants to make it easy to track animal abuse felons.

State Senator Steve Farley wants to make a database, similar to the sex offender registry, for people who commit serious crimes against animals.

"It's really important that we protect them," Farley said, "because they are so vulnerable and depend on us for their protection."

The Democrat said some of his Republican colleagues are interested in supporting the proposal.

Sara Dent is an animal advocate who volunteers for Smiling Dog Rescue, Pit n' Proud and All American Bully Buddies.

She is a little skeptical because criminal records are already available to the public.

"You can look up whatever you want on the internet," Dent said. "I don't see the extra added advantage."

She does like the idea of identifying people who abuse animals, because they are also likely to abuse people.

"For the most part, all of those people are going to be dangerous people with regards to animals," Dent said, "and their disregard for vulnerable beings whether they're 2-legged or 4-legged."

Farley is not worried about minor offenders being categorized with violent abusers. He said the system is only for serious felonies like dog-fighting and torture.

"These are the folks who we need to know about," Farley said. "I believe if you trust the public with too much information, I think that's better than not enough."

People would be in the database for one year for a first offense. They would be in there permanently on a second offense.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund helped write the law. They have even offered $10,000 to the state to offset the burden to taxpayers.

A county in New York already has similar legislation.


TreborJo said...

Here we go, little by little , soon we will have everyone in the nation registered for one thing or another. I want a registry telling me who the mentally handicapped are, and one telling me who has aids. I want to know who owns guns and who abuses alcohol, I want to know where all the drug dealers live, I want to know who cheated on their spouse. We as Americans have the right to know everything about everyone for the sake of protecting ourselves and our children. I want to know who drove drunk and who uses foul language, I don't want them swearing in front of my kids! I want a law guaranteeing nothing bad will happen to me or my family because the government has listed everything about everyone on the internet to keep us safe. But most of all I want a registry for every politician because they are the most dangerous to our country and rights and safety and society! list their names, addresses, what cars they drive, if they have guns, have they ever had any deviant sexual fantasies, are they homosexual, do they drink alcohol, have they ever "inhaled" every personal aspect of them since they are "public officials" than their entire lives should be made public!

Loneranger said...

Using the example of the sex offender registry they are trying to make list of people that have committed various crimes now. Gun violators, Animal abusers and they already have sex offenders even legal gun owners have been listed as well as posted for the world to see at least once in recent history. My question to the ones that think if they are posted their rights have been compromised when they were all for it for others. Why are you better then the next guy? As long as it's not you it doesn't mater right? Well I don't know how many times we have said if you take the rights of one you take the rights of all. You gave up your rights freely thinking it could never come back to haunt you as some how your better or you would never ever commit a sex crime. However now the door is open for them to post your face if the list of the day happens to be what you did maybe decades ago. Why it's regulatory. Well if it damages you some how then maybe you might understand that you committed the crime and did the time but this is different. If you suffer or your family suffers suck it up. Remember as long as it's ok for one group it's ok for all. What group could you fall into? Still willing to make lists now?

deathklok said...

"These are the folks who we need to know about," Farley said. "I believe if you trust the public with too much information, I think that's better than not enough."

kitkatmissy said...

Since corporations are the worst abusers of animals and the supreme court considers them "people" , I am wondering if the most egregious abusers of animals will have their name listed. Also, will this animal abuser list be retroactive? Will Michael Vick be a tier 3? How about families who don't have their animal registered and chipped? How about just one list with every crime and offense on it and just fill in the blanks with everyone's name.....including adulterers.