Thursday, February 14, 2013

AR - New Arkansas Sex Offender Law Proving Difficult to Enforce

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By Lauren Trager

LITTLE ROCK - A new law in Arkansas that targets sex offenders prohibits them from being too closed to kids at swimming areas and playgrounds in public parks.

This was one of the very first laws to pass this legislative session. The governor signed it into law just last week. While most people agree it's got great intentions, others say it may not be very effective.

"Bo and I just like to come out here and walk the trails," said Ted Callaway.

Callaway and his dog Bo head out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park almost every week, but on this cold Wednesday, they're one of the only ones.

During the summer or the weekend, the park would be packed with kids on the playground. Protecting them is the intent of Act 39 (PDF). It restricts level three and four sex offenders from entering a swimming area or playground at any state park in Arkansas.

The reason: leaders say those areas are where children are least likely to be supervised. Callaway says it seems good to him.
- So why are parents taking their kids to a state park and leaving them in swimming pools or playgrounds alone?  That is not being a parent, and we need to stop passing insane laws to do what parents should be doing.

"I would feel better not having sex offenders near the playground or the swimming pool, I think it's a good law," he said.

But others say the law didn't go far enough.

"I think they shouldn't be let in the park completely," said another parkgoer, Justin Baldwin.
- So I guess you are okay with everyone who wants to enter a park, having to stop at the gate and have a background check run on them first?

Under the law, a sex offender can still be inside the park. They can hike, they can even hang out near the playground, it's once they take that one step into the swimming area or playground, they could suddenly get arrested.

"It's ridiculous," said Baldwin. "There's no reason for them out here."
- They have just as much right as you do to be out there.

Law enforcement officers, too, worry a bit over the wording of the law and how they'd enforce it.

"Just to come up to a person at a picnic table and demand their ID, that's not something we can do," said Lt. Carl Minden with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office

Lt. Minden says they're already too strapped for resources to be tracking down sex offenders in state parks.

"You can't keep constant tabs on somebody. In Pulaski County alone, there's literally thousands between the jurisdictions," said Lt. Minden.

He says they'll need to rely on people like Callaway and Bo to help police the park of people they think are suspicious.

The sheriff's office has jurisdiction in state parks, but there are also park police patrolling the areas.

The Department of Parks and Tourism is behind the bill. It wants this to be more of deterrent than anything else or an added charge if police notice sex offenders do other illegal activity.

If a sex offender if found inside a swimming pool or playground area, they could go to prison for up to six years.


dc said...

Awesome Government at work.....This has to rate up there on the dumbass law list high. Even the sheriff's office admits they dont have time to even try to enforce this one. I bet the person who started this law will be sure to use it when the time come.

Kirk said...

They said ("Just to come up to a person at a picnic table and demand their ID, that's not something we can do," said Lt. Carl Minden with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office ) Why not the Germans did it back in the 30's- 40's. The Chinese do it, the KGB did or still do I think and any where else people are repressed in this world Why would the great U.
S.S. R Of America be any different. a bunch of people that want to make a class or group of Citizens to be with out rights or privileges in our society weather it is because they have a criminal conviction or a different skin color is the same thing as I see it. Will we soon see drinking fountains with signs for Ex-sex offenders only in the near future city buses that are for ex-offenders on the bus routs or how about Swimming pools in swamps just for Ex- offenders with hicking trails of course, Just so they can say see Ex- offenders are not being deprived there rights I can see Ex- offender with swimming holes in Swamps and Rivers of course where no sane person would even think of swimming. Just where dose it end? With Death Camps Maybe???

Loneranger said...

I think they need to hire one cop for each sex offender on the registry. He can park out front of their home and follow them all day long. Just to make sure they one really live where they say and never go into some zone. Of course just one cop can't do all of this so lets hire five for each offender. After all they must enforce the laws right? Can't be to safe as long as the tax payers are on the hook. One has to wonder why all the laws. Surely they need paid for as no mater what change they make it involves more supervision. Much like a dog waiting to chase a parked car. Could be a long time waiting but oh boy if it ever moves won't we have fun then. however they have already chewed the tires off this old car and don't see it moving any time soon. they make laws and then need people to enforce them. A great way to build an empire of public employees. The problem is where does the money come from? You can only enforce what you can afford to pay for. Such a waist.

Bill Barney said...

Hi Kirk. Just thought I would let you know that in the great state of Nevada we are on our way to the Death Camps. The new Nevada law, passed in 2008 and has been upheld by the high courts, effectively strips away a sex offenders right to privacy and opens wide the doors for search and seizure with out warranty by any Nevada officer at any time with or without cause. Yes you read right. A sex offender can be searched at any time by the police in this state without a warrant or even cause. Further more the spouse of the sex offender no longer has the right to not testify against her mate. The state now has the power to compel spousal testimony. And the law now gives the Nevada state sex offender board the ability to ex-post-facto re-clasify all sex offenders to level three. Most dangerous. As a bonus the local PD is looking for volunteers to hand out printed notification to the neighbors four times a year telling others that the sex offender next door is a threat to their children. I think Death Camps are right around the corner. God Help Us ALL!

Loneranger said...

Searching someones home may or may not result in any evidence of a crime being found. there is more then a high probability in any random search that none will be. So the only real satisfaction they can possibly attain will be harassing them and getting away with it. Apparently they have nothing better to do. When you say death camps are not far from the next step. Lets take a look at that scenario. given there are camps already set up with the standard barb wire fences. Will they be needed for all the violations of new laws as they don't have room for them in normal jails? gee Germany did the same thing. They gave their gestapo authority to do the same types of searches. Remember it was all legal as they had laws passed just like the ones mentioned to enable them to do so. So they were able to on paper make anyone a criminal and they lost all rights at that point. To arrest someone and drag them off in the middle of the night was common place. It was viewed as necessary for the protection of the children. Well any law they wrote had that as a justification. so on they went collecting every sex offender and homosexual and Jews as well to be taken to a camp. this camp was solely for relocating these undesirable people and making things safe for the children. That is what people were told. The truth was much different then what the people were told as we all know. So one goose step at a time we evolve and become the same as Germany was. Remember it was not the German people that did this. it was a government that went to the point where it was ok to pass any law as long as it was for the good of the children. The truth? Well in reality there was never any real truth being told. The real agenda was to strip the populous of all rights one law at a time. Once the laws were in place and it was all legal on the surface the rest is history. We say no this can not be. We have a constitution that will stop this short of happening. We have guns to protect ourselves as well and a legal right to do so if the government goes in this direction. So did the people in Germany. They also thought they had protection from this happening. However one law at a time is all that was needed. We as a populous do vote for some of these laws. However most we have no right to even question as they are passed behind closed doors at times with only the constitution to make them legal or not and then it takes years to prove they are not but in the mean time they enforce it. Does anyone else see where this is going? first the sex offenders then who might be next? Take the guns? Well they are working on that. Remember it's one law at a time. chewing away at everyone's protections under the constitution. Why would they do this? Why did Germany do this? they were looking for the final solution. We all know what that was.
So on we go passing one law at a time stripping away the rights and protections of undesirables. In the end the people of America will have given up all rights for themselves under the pretense that it only applies to the undesirables and theirs are separate from this. When in reality theirs are gone as well. It might be to late even now as the door has been opened. Will we solve the entitlement problem this way? You know the population is aging as i speak. could their one step at a time end up as a way to systematically correct the population and the debt the government owes? Given it only takes a law to enable this. Sure we are talking about criminals right? Well Germany was to at first. If we remember the Jews came after all laws were in place for the so called criminals. the Jews say they did nothing wrong. They were only Jews. Well lets replace this with elderly and on a entitlement program. Humm their only crime would be that they are old. Just a thought and the German people would have defended their laws to the death and did. Will we as well? Remember it's for the children.