Thursday, February 21, 2013

AL - Sex offender pushes for classification reforms

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By Phillip Ohnemus

BIRMINGHAM (WIAT) - When it comes to a threat of our children nothing raises a red flag like the threat of a sex offender living in our community.

In the last 20 years penalties for sex offenders and laws restricting their movements have grown exponentially.

It's something Derek Logue is fighting. "We still have a far long way to go to determine who is a high risk and who isn't."

Logue uses himself as the ultimate example. In 2001, he was convicted of sexual abuse of an 11-year old girl.

But he says it was an isolated incident and he's no threat to the general public. "I'm not out reoffending… I've been out for 10 years and I haven't reoffended haven't been accused of reoffending and it's not enough to satisfy society. Tthey judge me on something I did in my college years and I'm a middle aged man now."

Janette Grantham and Miriam Shehane say "big deal." They are victims rights advocates.

Through their non-profit organization VOCAL, Victims of Crimes and Leniency, they stand up for victims who cannot or will not stand up for themselves.

Neither has any sympathy for a man who served just 25 months of a six year sentence for his crime.

Grantham says victims aren't so lucky. "It stays with them. If they could serve two years or three years and then they could go on with their life that would be great. But they can never go on with their lives because they are never the same again."
- As long as you see yourself as a victim you will always be a victim!

But Logue argues he has paid his penance. He believes the restrictions he and others like him are forced to live under a decade after their release from prison are punitive.

"You send them to prison, they're glorified dog cages. You incapacitate them for years and years they develop no skills they get no treatment when they're in there and when they get out of prison. You deny them housing, you deny them a support network, you deny them jobs. I was homeless for a while."

Logue attributes the homelessness and the fact that he is not working to his status as a sex offender. "I have a degree, I should be out working, but society fears me so much that most people won't hire me because of the label. You're a sex offender."

Logue takes issue with the sex offender database. He says it was intended to allow law enforcement to have a private list to check up on when a child goes missing... But changes in law have made the database public.

Where Logue takes issue there is no classification in Alabama making it impossible for people to determine who is and is not a threat.

Says Logue, "We feel like we have to rely on some list that can't differentiate between a drunken mooner and a pedophile to make a determination on a person's character. You can't judge my character based on a list."

Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls admits the system is flawed. And legislators are working to find a way to better classify and identify who is a danger to society. But Falls says the subject is not a black and white issue.

It's very delicate trying to create a law that everyone will agree with. The question becomes, should that be required for the rest of their lives? And, every situation is different."

But victim’s advocates have a much simpler solution.

Janette Grantham suggests, "All they have to do if they don't want to be burdened with a sex offender label on their driver's license and everywhere they go, then don't commit the crime."

Mirium Shehane adds "everybody has choices. And you better think about that. What choices you make in life… there are consequences."

This is what happens when the registry is public!


g4change said...

I really admire Derek for standing up and speaking out like he does!!!

SOIssues said...

So do we. Way to go Derek!

Bill Barney said...

Janette Grantham and Miriam Shehane are predators swimming in the waters of life looking for men to victimize and use the image of victims to justify their eviel and immoral attacks on others. They remind me of the jews in the new testiment who would troll the streets looking for a good stoneing and justify their lust for death and maiming by say they are victims driven to purge evil from their midst. Jesus said let him who is without sin cast the first stome and one by one they dropped their stones and walked away. P.S. the biblical narrative I am reffering to was that of a sex offender in jerusalem durring the time of christ.

Mark said...

Well said Bill! Well said! It's persons like these two in this article that defies logic. I will confidently assume these are two no-nothing, dead life, miserable women who found what they believe is their "appointed" quest and crusade to emasculate all men under the guise of sexual offenses. I suspect also if you dig a little you will find some dark events in the past that put these two "Jezebel" spirited humans together.

oncefallendotcom said...

Is there any chance you can convert the news video to WMV format? The raw interview is online but not the news video.

Sex Offender Issues said...

Which video?

oncefallendotcom said...

The one that says "Sex Offender Speaks." Not the one that says "raw interview."