Thursday, January 10, 2013

INDIA - What should we do with sex offenders?

Our Comments Left On The Video:
You ask what we can do about sex offenders, but you will notice, these men were not known sex offenders!

Anybody who commits any crime, sexual or not, should be punished, but putting them on an online shaming hit-list for vigilantes to use to harass and attack ex-offenders and their families, is not the answer.

If they've served their time, then they should be allowed to live a normal life just like everyone else, period!!!

Why not a registry for all criminals?

Video Description:
The recent scandal in India has raised dozens of questions about attitudes to women in the developing country. There are many that have argued that punishment for sex offenders in the country have been far too lenient, and pressure is being put on the Indian authorities to act, to change the culture of India.

Is there a problem with attitudes towards women in India? Is there a problem with attitudes towards women in general? Are men being unfairly demonized?

What happened in India isn't isolated. Just a few weeks ago, the UK was embroiled in a fierce debate about the definitions of rape when Assange was wanted on sex offence charges. George Galloway added his opinion to the debate with the smallest amount of tact possible.

In America, Todd Akin made an incredibly ignorant comment about rape which was quickly criticized by just about everyone, but it goes to show just how many strange and controversial attitudes towards sex offenders exist out there in our world.

It's a debate which seems like it will rage on and on, and it's a debate we thought we'd have here at Truthloader.

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