Thursday, January 10, 2013

UT - Utah DMV is harassing ex-sex offenders who are trying to renew their licenses?

Posted elsewhere, and here so others can see the harassment of ex-sex offenders who are trying to get their licenses renewed.

So, as I have done over the last few years when I move: I update my drivers license. No big deal, just go online and fill out the information, or mail it in if you don't have internet access.

Went to do it this year, and the online system said, "No record found. Verify your information." Tried a few times to no avail. Giving up I wrote a letter and mailed it in.

State law says there is no need to get a duplicate, as long as their system shows the correct address.

So, in December, I completed my semi-annual registration as I always do. The officer told me that my address on my drivers license did not match up to my new address in the state's database. I responded that I followed procedure, and would call them.

First call, the guy is clueless. Few days later I call again, wondering if my driver's license is valid.

The woman looks a little and then says, "Oh, I'm showing here you are a registered sex offender."

Me: "What does that have to do with my drivers' license?"

Woman: "Well, you cannot update your address online if you are a registered sex offender."

Me: "That's not in the registry law or the drivers license law, is it? In fact, I know it is not. I've updated it online before."

Woman: "It's a new policy with the Division of Motor Vehicles, you'll have to update your address in person."

Me: "I already do that when I register my new addresses with law enforcement, why must I do it again."

Woman: "That's the new policy."

Me: "Let me guess, I'll have to pay the $20.00 for a duplicate, rather than just update the information in the system."

Woman: "That is correct."

Me: "Well, I already have to pay to get a new license each year, plus give law enforcement $25.00 per year, and then the the State Registry $100.00 per year (which I have never paid). So, if I move a lot I now have to pay you guys each time? Let me talk to the person in charge, because I guarantee you that is not in the laws."

I get transferred to a voice-mail and leave a rather pointed message about suing the s*** out of the state again. No response yet.

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nathan rabalais said...

Who ever wrote this kudos I've had the same problem in ogden two years ago