Monday, January 28, 2013

UK - Met Police officer (Christopher Exley) who downloaded child porn walks free from court

Christopher Exley
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By Paul Cheston

A police officer who downloaded child porn while working for the Met diplomatic squad which protects MPs was spared jail today.

Christopher Exley, 33, kept a stash of 53 indecent images of young children on two laptops and a memory stick at his home.

He was caught in a police sting targeting paedophile websites and pleaded guilty to four counts of making indecent images of children. Judge Anthony Leonard QC sentenced Exley, of Clapton, to a three-year community order and ordered he undertake an internet sex offenders programme.

He was also handed an 18-month supervision order and given a month-long curfew with an electronic tag. The judge said: “You get no special treatment [...] as you should have known better."

"But, on the other hand you have lost a lot [...] because you’ve been dismissed for that and not even allowed to resign and that will have a substantial effect on the rest of your life.”


nathan rabalais said...

I wouldn't say his free but his got a leash around him and one slip up he goes to prison like everyone else

Loneranger said...

Their system is different then ours as they are not out for revenge that never ends. A life time of ever expanding punishments. Once he is done with all he has to do he is done. Yes this will follow him forever just like any other crime does and his job is gone and that will never come back. However they do try to fit the punishment to the crime and believe that a person can be rehabilitated. Unlike the US that apparently feel sex offenders are not only the worse criminals imaginable but are somehow less intelligent then say your local drug dealers. Unable to learn form their misdeeds even though when you compare the two sex offenders have a much higher success rate. In fact you can compare any other group with sex offenders and they will always have a much better success rate. At the end of the day 3 to 5 percent will offend again with a new sex crime in their lifetime. My question would be. Why does the US believe sex offenders here are different then any other place in the world? For some reason our sex offenders are less intelligent and can't learn and if you take most of the politicians as examples i'm sure it would appear that way. The politicians either refuse to learn from past mistakes or do not have the intelligence to do so . the first thing is to get them out of denial. If they are unwilling to admit they have a problem no one can help them. Politicians addiction to sex offenders is a national problem. However like any addition it will continue to grow until it gets to costly and effects too many lives around them. Stop paying for their addiction. If they could pick one group and say this is the one that will consistently offend large groups of people and have thousands of victims politicians would be picked hands down every time. So given the UK does things much differently then the US one doesn't need to wonder why. Our politicians are addicts.
Lets compare the UK rehabilitates and tries to make productive citizens. The US continues to make more and more laws to punish over and over. Costing the tax payers each time they do so. Taking people that could be productive and turning them into a drag on everyone around them. Simply because they can't get work. They contribute nothing because they are kept from doing so. Why? Would it not be better if they had jobs and a stable life? The reason they don't is this war on sex offenders that is not only counter productive in there is no rehabilitation and reentry as it is blocked with law after law. When in fact their is rehabilitation but no reentry into society due to politicians addition to them.