Thursday, January 17, 2013

TX - Proposed law would force sex offenders to list crimes on social media profiles

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By James Muñoz

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas Voices, a group dedicated to supporting registered sex offenders and their families, estimates 111 new names hit the sex offenders registry every week in the Lone Star State.

"We've already put their names and their faces and all of their information on the public registry for the world to see," said Mary Sue Molnar, who serves as president of Texas Voices.

The group is speaking out against House Bill 23 (PDF). The proposed law would require registered sex offenders to post their crimes on social networking profiles or face a criminal penalty.

"There's a misconception that social media is a meet-and-greet and hook-up place. That is certainly not true," Molnar said. "Not everyone on the public registry is a predator. As a matter of fact, very few would be considered predators."

Texas Voices opposes the idea and said outing registered sex offenders is not always the answer.

"We've got to remember that almost all registrants have wives, families (and) children, so we're looking at, in a lot of cases, children (who) can be harmed because dad's information is out there just a little too much," Molnar said.

Similar social networking bans have been struck down in a few other states.

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