Friday, January 4, 2013

The hypocrites are coming out in force now that gun owners addresses have been published, but why not one registry for all sinners?

Yep, the hypocrites are out in force now. A registry is okay for ex-sex offenders, who are put in danger for their lives, a long with their families and children, but due to the "sex offender" label, it's okay? If an online hit-list is okay for ex-sex offenders, then it's good enough for everybody else. Don't worry though, eventually everybody will be on a registry, it's only a matter of time.

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Loneranger said...

I think this lady has brought up some very good points. However she is only pointing out how information can be dangerous. She says that law abiding people have gun permits. Take that one step farther, people with gun permits have not been caught yet. For some reason people think if you don't have a record you have never done anything. really?

She also brings up the idea that people will know who doesn't have a gun and then target them. Well it's known that sex offenders are forbidden from having guns. Does she realize that she has just pointed out why the sex offender registry enables the same people she says she is afraid of and what they might do with a gun registry. Come on people this is great now the very thing that you have turned a blind eye to and a deaf ear has come back to disrupt your life and hey put you at risk. She says they are law abiding and so different. Nope this is regulatory. Has nothing to do with if you are law abiding or not you just fall into a regulatory plan to protect the children. You do want to protect the children don't you? Remember if you don't the next time a child is murdered you should feel responsible because you insisted on your privacy. Frankly if you have something that could harm a child then people need to know so they can protect their child. given that more children are killed by gun owners every year then all killed by sex offenders since the invention of the printed word. I think it's about time there is equal abuse under the law.