Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PA - Phillipsburg abolishes pedophile-free zone

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We are so sick and tired of people inserting "pedophile" into their news articles. A majority of ex-sex offenders are not pedophiles, by definition or diagnosis by an expert.


By Douglas B. Brill

Phillipsburg Town Council tonight eliminated a law that restricted where sex offenders could live.

Phillipsburg enacted the pedophile-free zone amid a flurry of municipalities approving similar laws that often made almost entire communities inaccessible to sex offenders.

But Phillipsburg wasn’t enforcing the law because state courts found it unconstitutional, Mayor Harry Wyant Jr. said after the council voted unanimously to abolish it.

Everyone felt we should have the control to do that, but we don’t,” Wyant said tonight.

Phillipsburg’s law barred convicted sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school or 2,500 feet of parks, playgrounds and recreation centers.

But about a week after it passed in 2005, a similar law was challenged in Cape May County. A former teacher who spent a year in prison for having sex with a 16-year-old female student wanted to move with his wife and kids to Lower Township and claimed a pedophile-free zone put 90 percent of the township off-limits to him.

A state judge ultimately tossed out Lower Township’s ban.

At least 10 communities in Warren and Hunterdon counties were among at least 80 in New Jersey with pedophile-free zones on the books as of 2007. But many of them said after the Cape May County ruling that the zones wouldn’t be enforced.

More recently, the state legislature took up a bill that would make smaller pedophile-free zones.

At least 12 Pennsylvania communities including Upper Mount Bethel Township adopted pedophile-free zones, but police rarely report that they’re being enforced.

Easton Councilman Ken Brown abandoned a 2008 proposal that would have made most of the city off limits to sex offenders. He said at the time that he wanted to protect children but realized the law couldn’t punish someone legitimately trying to re-enter society.

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Loneranger said...

Pedophile what a great word to incite the masses with. the meaning is lost to most as unless they look it up most have no idea what it really entails. So an overly used and mostly miss used word to create half truths and in most cases out right lies. Remember a half truth equals a whole lie. So using this word to incite anger and disgust to promote laws that are unconstitutional has become a practice used by most law makers. Playing on the ignorance of the masses. When really the vast majority of sex offenders having sex with underage individuals do not fall into this category. However it does sound bad and you don't need to understand what it means to use it. So if they really had pedophile free zones it would need to apply to a person that has been diagnosed as such and then applied to only these few cases. Although almost impossible to enforce it would be giving them what they asked for. So maybe before they make a law that is directed at pedophiles they need to figure out what that means and then be happy with the small number that it effects. Or stop using the word and just say for no reason except it sounds like a good idea we are excluding the group of our choice from society. this in it's self wouldn't fly as it's unconstitutional. But if you pump it up using words that are miss leading then it's all for the children.