Wednesday, January 16, 2013

OK - Sex offender law changes may be coming

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By Joleen Chaney

OKLAHOMA CITY – A stunning change involving sex offender laws could be making its way to Oklahoma.

I think it can open up an opportunity but being in prison around other sex offenders, if they want to reoffend, they’re going to find a way,” sex offender [name withheld] said. “If a person want [sic] to do something, they’re going to find it, if it’s the daycare down the street or church or a kid walking home from school.”
- But the issue is, most ex-sex offenders do not re-offend, that is a fact.

[name withheld] is a registered sex offender.

It is labeled on his driver’s license, on his criminal record and on every aspect of his life.

It was statutory sex with a minor,” [name withheld] said.

He claims he did not know the girl was underage but a judge decided otherwise.

[name withheld] went to prison and as a stipulation of his eight-year probation, he was told to stay off the computer.

No social media at all. No Facebook, MySpace at the time,” he said. “Actually I wasn’t allowed to use any internet access while I was on probation.”

However, a new California law could eventually ease the rules for some Oklahoma sex offenders.

It allows them to go online but requires them to disclose their internet activities and identities.

An Okla. attorney said California’s new law won’t fly.

The California law that was approved by 81 percent of the voters is unconstitutional,” attorney David Slane said. “You cannot require people to disclose who they are before they are able to talk on the internet.”

Slane said you can’t take away a person’s First Amendment rights, even online.

But he said he believes other states are going to do the same thing.

Slane said he is ready to fight the law if and when it gets to Okla.

As for [name withheld] who is fighting to get his name off the sex offender registry, he said he believes the law may be fitting for predators who use the internet to prey on victims, he agrees with the fight against it.

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