Tuesday, January 8, 2013

NY - Jeanine Pirro Rips Into Newspaper That Outed Her As A Gun Owner In 'Pedophile-Like' Online Map

Jeanine Pirro
Our comments left on the video:
Welcome to the crowd Ms. Pirro. You've been pushing for online ex-sex offender registries, which put the ex-sex offenders, their families and children's lives in danger, so if an unconstitutional online shaming hit-list is okay for one group, it should be done for all citizens of the USSA!

Video Description:
On her Saturday program on Fox News Channel, host Jeanine Pirro tore into the New York-based paper, The Journal News, which recently outed her and many other local residents as gun owners. Pirro said that the paper's actions have made them look weak and scared. The fact that they have had to hire armed guards for their protection after publishing the map is striking hypocrisy.
- Not really, they are just saying that people have a right to know where gun owners live, not that they are against legal guns, from what I recall reading.

"The firestorm began when The Journal News identified gun owners in a pedophile-like, interactive map," Pirro said. "The battered woman, hiding from her abuser, whose address has been protected by the courts. The police officer, whose family is now in jeopardy. The witness, who testified against the bad guy who is in jail and, for years, has been stewing about that witness."

"When the heat is turned up, and we want answers and we want to know why, you -- The Journal News -- can't talk," Pirro asked pointedly. "Was it your leftist, liberal, anti-gun agenda? Did you even think about the consequences? Was it all about money?"

"Will you step up if something happens to us," Pirro asked. "You know you've made us vulnerable."
- And will you step up when someone on the online hit-list, sex offender registry, is murdered (As in this case!) because "you wanted to know?"  I doubt it, so it appears to us, many in the public who have now been outed, and who wanted the sex offender registry, are the hypocrites, but that is our opinion.  If you "have a right" to know the ex-sex offenders who live around you, then we "have a right" to know who owns a gun around us, and we should also be able to know all the other criminals around us as well.

She read a portion of a statement released by The Journal News' president explaining the rationale behind publishing the map of gun owner's homes. Pirro found their explanation to be insufficient.

"Now that you're under the microscope, you look like a deer in headlights," Pirro said, speaking directly to The Journal News' staff. "You're looking pretty weak right now. And my sources tell me you're scared. You're disconnecting your phones. You're hiding behind people with guns, after criticizing those of us who legally own them."

Pirro closed by saying that, while she knew the names and addresses of many of The Journal News staffers, she would not divulge this information to her audience because it could put people in jeopardy.
- Yes, and so does the sex offender registry!

So what about the families of ex-sex offenders Ms. Pirro?


deathklok said...

"Was it all about money?"

Of course this is the answer. Controversy creates viewership. Newspapers and network news medias are businesses. Without advertising revenue from high viewer ratings and subscriptions Jeanine Pirro and The Journal News would both be out on the street. She'll exploit them as much as they exploited the gun owners of New York. And she'll get paid doing it. She's probably shaking their hands and thanking them for a spot filler for her show.

Loneranger said...

The ignorance never ends. they want to say how they have been shamed by being listed like all the pedophiles. Hold it. Are you really that ignorant? Do you have any idea what the word even means? Given there are very few pedophiles mixed in with all the sex offenders it doesn't mean the on line list is all pedophiles. Check the definition before using the word please. As far as on line list or even overly accessible public information goes why do you have a problem? Hey if your threatened at least you can defend yourself. Sex offenders and their families can't even do that. So your much better off. If in fact you believe all you are saying you might think about all that have to deal with this kind of stuff created by people who are just looking for someone to victimize. If this is the case then maybe the sex offender registry and the gun owner registry and every other registry they have should be outlawed. Or is it ok for some because you don't like them and not for you? Hey if its legal to post public information then you just need to suck it up and maybe spend a little more time at the range to stay in practice. Really isn't that why you have the gun? To protect yourself.