Saturday, January 12, 2013

NM - Lawmakers to take up tougher sex offender laws


loneranger said...

does it ever end. One state tries this and a federal judge stopped them and then another tries the very same thing. do they not pay attention? they are always looking for that loop hole or yet another way to circumvent the constitution. why can they not be happy with the damage already done to people with this? I hope they change the gun laws and make everyone register at least twice a year so we know where the guns are. Makes as much sense as all the new and better we will track you where ever you are laws. Frankly they have not done one good thing with this entire program. Not one child saved and thousands damaged by the laws they say are to protect them. How much more damage can they do to a persons life and this is to protect them. Can't have it both ways either you are out to trap and destroy children with overly aggressive and overly reaching laws or your not. Politicians you have had your pound of flesh. Now your just acting like parasites.

deathklok said...

Come on everyone... lets all go to safe haven New Mexico before they slam the door in our face. Give me a break. I'm sorry, but without a six figure 5yr. guaranteed employment contract I would have no reason to move there. Or Banderas, Texas for that matter! I think their AG's been probed by aliens from Roswell one to many times.

New Mexico claims they have 2500 registrants. By my figures that is only .3% of the national total. It doesn't sound like they're being over run by sanctuary seekers.