Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MO - Bill Focuses on Sex Offender Home-Buyers

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JEFFERSON CITY (AP) - Concern about protecting children has spurred a southwestern Missouri lawmaker to propose legislation that would require real estate agents to warn other people when they represent a prospective home buyer who is a sex offender.

But Rep. Charlie Davis said he is not pushing for his proposal to become law this year and merely wants to spark discussion. Davis said he focused first on real estate agents because they generally are involved whenever new people move into a community.

Sex offenders “have the right to live in a community if they want to, but it’s also the right of the families to know if there is a member in their community that is a convicted sex offender against children so we can make sure our children are aware of it and it doesn’t happen to them,” said Davis, R-Webb City.

The legislation calls for sex offenders who plan to buy property to report their criminal past to their real estate agent. The buyer’s real estate agent then would disclose that information in writing before the sale to the real estate agent for the seller. In addition, the buyer’s real estate agent would need to disclose a client’s sex offender status to neighbors living within a half-mile after the deal is completed.

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Loneranger said...

If this guy wants to drive housing prices down more he should jump on this idea. Sex offenders own homes in every neighbor hood in the country. Well just about I would assume given there are at least 750,000 families in the country and that is the population of some whole states and then some. So to make this kind of information a part of a sale isn't the smartest thing to do. Questions raised would be. Would this influence the price of the property. Ok how could the price be manipulated because of the buyers or sellers standing? Would this make others not want to buy in a particular neighborhood or cause leverage to be used to reduce the price just to be able to sell? Any time you make information that has a negative implication mandatory it will effect the sale of homes and the value. For what some would feel a good idea. Most would see their property values go down. Leave well enough alone.

Scott said...

I obviously oppose the idea because it's just plain dumb but it would giving the buying sex offender leverage to get a better deal on a house. The agent would only need to say the offender is buying a house in the neighborhood and this is his 2nd choice and would buy if "x" dollars was knocked off the price. The sellers agent would then advise their clients to sell ASAP because a sex offender is moving in down the road and the property will be harder to sell.