Monday, January 14, 2013

ME - Construction Jobs for Felons: A Staffing Experience

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Well, we emailed the lady who runs this organization, and like usual, they do not support ex-sex offenders who are ex-felons. Her email is as follows:

Margo Walsh (
"Unfortunately not.... Many of my worksites are schools because I do federal contracts. It's limited in that way. I'm sorry that I can't help."


Want to find a felon friendly employer in your area? Are you willing to move to the northeast corridor of the United States? If so, we may have a solution for you!

MaineWorks is a staffing agency that specializes in the hiring of convicted felons for various jobs – most often in construction work. While these are not highing paying positions, they are employment opportunities given only to felons and will help you start your path to independence.

If you do not currently live in southern Maine, this may be a challenge for you but if you are willing to relocate for this type of work, we highly recommend MaineWorks as a viable option. In a report by The Main Public Broadcasting Network, MaineWorks is praised as being a progressive employer that is restoring independence by providing gainful employment to many convicted felons in the area.

Even if you are not able to move to Maine, search for these types of staffing agencies in your area. You may be surprised to find that there are other staffing agencies that will hire only felons. Or, why not start your own staffing agency? Never be afraid to think outside the box and find a great way to find employment and to offer employment to other felons. Using the progressive staffing agency concept that MaineWorks utilizes, you may have many construction jobs and opportunities to employ people in your local community.

Jobs for convicted felons come from many unique resources. To find the best jobs, you have to get out and search and network with people who are “in the know”. Margo Walsh is the founder of MaineWorks. She has experience in this type of progressive staffing solution and we highly recommend that all felons interested in starting the own business in construction consider this same type of staffing criteria.

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