Thursday, January 31, 2013

IN - "Loophole" Allows Indiana Sex Offenders To Use Social Media

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We are so sick and tired of people calling rights a "loophole!" This law is unconstitutional, and surely the new law will also be deemed unconstitutional. When you start banning people from their freedom of speech, what is next? Also, why don't we ban identity thieves, gang members, drug dealers, and other ex-felons from the sites as well? If it's done to one group, then it should be done across the board so everyone is treated equally and without discrimination, right?


By Corinne Rose

FORT WAYNE - Indiana legislators are scrambling to re-write a law banning sex offenders from social media sites, after a federal appeals court ruled the current law is too broad.

Because of this legal ruling, registered Allen County sex offenders are being told they can use social media sites like Facebook, My Space and Twitter, but they still have to provide police with every email address, user name and chat room name they use.

If detectives find an account the offender didn't tell them about, that could mean new felony charges.

If the state legislature passes a revised or new law this session, sex offenders could again be prohibited from sites like Facebook.

In the meantime, if you or your children get creepy emails or messages from someone, you can go to the Allen County Sheriff's website to search that user name, email or phone number.

"If it comes back to a registered offender, they won't be notified who that offender is, but they'll be prompted to call their local law enforcement authorities so we can look into it and see if there are any criminal charges that we could file against this person," says Detective Jeff Shimkus, who oversees the sex offender registry for Allen County.

Shimkus says 99% of the time, offenders on probation or parole are banned from using websites so they can concentrate on their counseling and rehabilitation process.

But he says there will always be people trolling the Internet for their next victim, whether they've already been caught or not.
- This is pure BS!  Of course there are some idiots who will continue to look for people to sexually abuse, but they make it sound like most do this, which is a lie, most do not, based on the facts and not disinformation!

"I don't want the public to think oh my gosh, since this law has been repealed, now there's going to be a ton of sex offenders on Facebook and My Space. They're already there. They've been there, whether this law was on the books or not. They're there. You never know who you're talking to online," Shimkus adds.

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Loneranger said...

are these people really this stupid? Facebook and any other internet site for that mater is world wide. World wide web. So they make it illegal in their state. How about someone from some place else being on line and trolling? Hey they can travel if they are that intent on committing a crime. I'm sure it has happened some place but isn't this a bit over kill? Are parents really in need of a way to track down a creepy e-mail? I bet most of the calls will yield a dead end unless someone in the three percent of the sex offender population that will re-offend happens to use the internet to troll. If you think about it and the fact that they are already there and you can't show where this is a problem. Well you can see where i'm going. Will the one in a thousand be enough to justify this program? What i want to see is not so much they are busting sex offender but that they track down anyone that a parent is concerned about. Why limit this to just looking to bust a sex offender on the registry.