Thursday, January 31, 2013

IA - Miller pushes for elderly sex offender site

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Iowa would establish a specialized nursing home to house elderly sex offenders under legislation being drafted by state Rep. Helen Miller, D-Fort Dodge.

Miller said Wednesday that her proposal would direct the state government to either set up the facility or hire a private company to do so.

''The 800 pound gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about is what are you going to do with these individuals if they're denied entry to a nursing home or are kicked out of one,'' she said. ''They've got to go somewhere.''

''My bill cuts to the chase and quits the dinking around because you've got to put them somewhere,'' she added.

She said the mental health facility at the old Iowa State Penitentiary in Fort Madison might be an appropriate place for the proposed nursing home.

Miller first attempted to address the handling of elderly sex offenders last year in the wake of a 2011 incident at the Pomeroy Care Center in Pomeroy. In August 2011, [name withheld], a sex offender who was then 83 years old, allegedly raped a 95-year-old woman. He was subsequently removed from the center and placed in a state prison. He had been convicted of sex crimes in 1987, 1991, 1997 and 2000 before entering the nursing home in November 2010.

Last year, Miller introduced a bill that called for establishing a committee to examine the options for housing elderly sex offenders. That bill did not become law.

A very similar proposal for a committee has been introduced this year by two other representatives. Miller attended a subcommittee meeting on that bill and learned that it does not address how to handle elderly sex offenders who have been denied admission to nursing homes or have been removed from them. She is now writing her proposal to address that issue.


Loneranger said...

Wow I guess it doesn't ever end. Ok I have been around nursing homes when my grand parents and parents were to the point where it was the only place they could be due to their advanced age and health issues. Just the way it is anymore. You get old and then you die. just where is now a question for anyone with the sex offender label. Guess if there is any dignity even if it's in death or at least end stages of life no mater how long they might have will be denied. If this person had any idea what goes on in these places amongst the staff as well as the residents she might want to lock up anyone that has ever been to or might go to one of these places. Dementia is a big issue with residents. Along with this comes very unpredictable behavior. You don't have to be a registered sex offender to do things that are illegal in most states. I would think sex between two people that one or both suffer from dementia would be illegal as one or neither has the right to consent as they are mentally incapable Due to a mental deficiency. So every time they catch Grandma trying to attract one of the male residence should she be labeled a sex offender or shuffled back to her room? Once people get to an age where this is where they are one can not expect them to act appropriately all the time. that is why they are there. Maybe they need a different ward for the ones they can't trust. but all in all they can't trust any of them. Just the way it goes when we get old and then stuck in a nursing home. Don't get me wrong not everyone's grand parent or parent will act out. But many will. It is just the way it goes. Personally i think in the case of the old guy raping the old lady the staff should have been on top of that long before this. Frankly if he had not been a registered sex offender they would have probably said nothing and moved them apart and it wouldn't have been seen as rape but two senile people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just because in the past and not talking about this guy because i don't know him. but in general as this is the way they make laws. There is no reason to believe they are any more dangerous at say 85 or 90 then any of the rest of the people there. If they are then so be it they need different care. But so it goes with any or all label or not they are old and there for a reason. They can't take care of themselves. Get used to the idea and stop raising a red flag every time you get a chance. Yes now they need to find a place for the aging sex offenders. Because why?

nathan rabalais said...

She gets an a for affort and an f for being stupid