Monday, January 7, 2013

FL - Tougher restrictions for Ft. Myers sex offenders

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FORT MYERS - Soon the City of Fort Myers could be enforcing tougher restrictions on registered sex offenders.

A new ordinance will go in front of the city council Monday afternoon that would establish child safety zones that would keep sex offenders at least 300 feet from parks and schools with few exceptions.

Offenders can face jailtime and fines if they are caught disobeying the ordinance.

The state already restricts sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of many public places where children may be present.

"The term sex offender casts fear when you say it. It triggers a primal response to protect our children," says Maria Kayanan, an attorney for the ACLU of Florida.

Kayanan believes the new ordinance is a plot to put sex offenders back in jail and push them out of the community. But it's something she says could have bad consequences.

"When laws are enacted that so overregulate and so overreach an individual's every movement, that's not good for that individual and will likely drive him or her off the grid, underground and outside the supervision of law enforcement, making the children in our communities less safe," she says.

While in the ordinance, the chief of police insists it's another layer to keep the city's children safe.
- So how many layers do you need?  A million layers won't prevent someone intent on committing a crime from doing so.  This is just more political BS to help someone look like they are actually doing something.

Lee County already has "child safety zones." This ordinance is nearly identical to the county ordinance.

The council will vote to advertise the ordinance on Monday. It will then go up for a public hearing at a later meeting.


nathan rabalais said...

Ok how many laws can these idiots make in florida

Loneranger said...

One would think at some point they would stop playing the fear card. But as it goes fear trumps any common sense people have. So make a law. Make another one and another one until it is impossible to even leave your home. then they will be safe. Problem is it will never stop new offenders. given they never really look at it from that angle nothing will help them or protect them. Everything stays the same as they beat and rebeat the offenders they already have. For some reason they just don't get it. It's not the ones that have been caught that are the vast majority of people that are offending. So keep beating the dead horse. Would look as if they have a problem and it doesn't stop. So make more laws and gee it still didn't stop. Humm maybe they are making laws that do nothing to address the problem at hand. Almost like they know but it's just something to do and look like your doing something. Well they really don't have to care about the real problems if they can hide behind ex offenders and just look like they are doing something as the problem grows then because they haven't done anything to address the real problems as it is just to costly. This keeps the populous at bay. Politicians are a special type of criminal. they will enable the vast majority of new offenders anyway they can by beating a dead horse.
One might ask how? Well it's simple. If they create so many laws that punish and re punish sex offenders and make it impossible to obtain mental help it goes on. the only way abuse will stop is if at some point they get off this thing of it's the ones that we know and we must control them. Hey they have no clue how many are out there that haven't been caught and will never be caught. The more laws the more damage they show to cause someone if they are caught doesn't stop this it only causes more as it becomes almost impossible to get a child to tell as they have been told what will happen if they do. does anyone else see this? A child doesn't want to loose their parent or sibling. It is so apparent that is what will happen they just enduro and don't tell. the Offender can't ask for help as just look at the life they will have and what happens to their families. The politicians have no clue and react to what they are told. Say a child was killed by a sex offender they must control them all. Doesn't work and never will. Maybe they need a different approach. Finally understand that sex abuse happens. It just does and has for thousands of years. to stop this or at least save that one child maybe a new approach. Mental health doesn't just happen and it can't if all they want to do is prosecute and persecute. the problem will grow to a point where they have so many useless laws and so much fear no one will report or ask for help. Abuse happens everyday and is never spoke of to keep the law from destroying the family. Really I don't make this stuff up. Make more laws. Make it as harsh and destructive as you can for the ones you have caught. You are only enabling more abuse. When 90 percent don't report you have to ask why?

SOIssues said...

Amen! Politicians and businesses don't want to eliminate crime, they need crime or they'd not have a job. Crime pays their pay checks.

deathklok said...

Meanwhile out in California...

Another OC City Backs Off Sex Offender Ban

As lawsuits prompt OC cities to reconsider bans on sex offenders in
parks, Westminster officials decided to drop charges against a sex
offender who challenged the law.

Damian said...

They will continue to pass these laws. The saddest irony and reality of it is that it has NOTHING to do with protecting children or even society. What this IS about is a three-fold benefit for the government: a) It's money WASTER; our government is HELL BENT on bankrupting us from within because it forces the people into NEEDING it, which is the first step in socialism. B) Population control; the more information the government has on you, the more control they can have over you. No other group in society would allow this (as witnessed by the recent posting of LEGAL gun permit holders information online and the immediate backlash). And C) and possibly most importantly, it's a TEST of how far can you bend (or break) the constitution WITH the full support of the people. Remember, when Hitler "won" his place in History, it was with 98% of the vote. He GAVE the people what they wanted, until it was to late. I am absolutely convinced this is what it's REALLY about.