Thursday, January 17, 2013

FL - Controversy: Child charged as adult

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A 13-year-old Florida boy has been charged as an adult with first-degree murder in the beating death of his half-brother, age 3, and the sexual abuse of another half-brother, age 5.

If this case is heard, Christian Fernandez could be facing life in prison.

In this video clip, HLN’s Dr. Drew talks about the boy’s very troubled past. If convicted, should he get a second chance or is life in prison justifiable?


nathan rabalais said...

The child should be locked up but should not be with violent offenders because that would make it alot worst he needs to be put in a controled faclity where he can get the help he needs and maybe put on some form of medicine to help him out and hopefully he will be let out where he can live his life as a young man and raise a family

"Miller" said...

I believe that the spirit of the Miller v. Alabama US Supreme Court decision last year is that juveniles should not be sentenced to life without parole. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court didn't go far enough to actually say that and the Florida courts and legislature are more than happy to take advantage of any loophole they can if it means harsher punishment for offenders.

nathan rabalais said...

Florida has there own laws and rules like many states they are becoming there own country and making up there own rules