Sunday, January 13, 2013

Evil bastards across the USA introduce the NEW Scarlet Letter! Will we be forced to the back of the bus next?

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Yes I am comparing this to the novel, how the Jews were treated, and blacks. I know what they did was not a crime, but the same things are being done to ex-sex offenders, their families and children, as far as civil rights are concerned, they are the scapegoat for today's vengeful society. What has this country become?



New Mexico lawmakers are now mulling a ban against registered sex offenders on Facebook and other social networking sites, while states, like Texas, are considering forcing them to identify their crimes in their profiles.

The Texas bill would reportedly force certain sex offenders to embed in their profile the type of their offence, the location where it occurred, their full name, date of birth, sex, race, height, weight, and eye and hair color.

'When you become a member of Facebook, you agree to the terms and conditions, and one of (them) now is that you cannot be a... convicted sex offender,' State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio told NBC in Dallas Fort-Worth, or

'Now, of course, it's not enforced and so now this is being left up to other states to make sure we have enforcement mechanisms.'

Meanwhile, critics of the New Mexico bill, which would outright ban registered sex offenders from social networking sites, reportedly say it violates the constitutional right to free speech of those convicted of sex crimes.

The New Mexico bill would render it a misdemeanor on first offence for a registered sex offender to use instant messaging or frequent chat room websites 'the sex offender knows allows a person who is under eighteen years of age to access or use,' according to the Sante Fe New Mexican.

Subsequent offenses would, in turn, be prosecuted as fourth-degree felonies, the publication reports.

'This has been a grandstand issue that’s been taken to the courts around the country and dismissed as unconstitutional,' Lloyd Schwartz, president of Reform Sex Offender Laws of New Mexico, told the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Schwartz reportedly added the bill is 'overly broad' and 'doesn’t take into account that many of the people on the registry didn’t commit a crime against a minor.'

Indeed, similar laws banning sex offenders from social media sites enacted in Nebraska and Louisiana have been voided by U.S. district judges as unconstitutional.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf in Nebraska said in October 2012 said that legislatures need to 'concentrate on demonstrated risk rather than speculating and burdening more speech than is necessary — use a scalpel rather than a blunderbuss.'

However, in Indiana, U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt upheld a similar law banning sex offenders from social networking sites.


nathan rabalais said...

Let's dig in this sentors closet and see what his hiding

NJ45143112 said...

So, riddle me this...
SOs are already being forced or coerced into "treatment" programs which then allow the government to impose polygraph exams (these are illegal unless they can claim that it's part of 'treatment.' As such, they can claim that asking questions about your activities, movements, who your associated with and what you do with your spare time are all part of the process instead of, as it appears, continued imprisonment and monitoring...) to confirm compliance with probation...
Why then must all sources of communication and social integration be blocked? Certainly, some will violate their terms of probation but most would likely not have access to the internet if they were predatory in the first place!
When somebody runs for political office, does some agency remove their brain prior to taking office. Your average melon would have more sense than the legislature these days!
For that matter, what about the "unregistered" sex offenders? Those pose the biggest threat but they aren't subjected to any restrictions. Add to that, these are unenforceable restrictions in the first place. Who are these people kidding? Do they think the rest of us are complete morons? Apparently...