Tuesday, January 22, 2013

AUSTRALIA - Attack prompts check on sex offender trackers

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This just shows you how brain dead politicians are. Apparently this man was wearing a GPS and still committed a crime, and this politician thinks something can be done to prevent it. Well, it cannot. A person who is intent on committing a crime, will do so! But you keep living in Fantasy land and wasting more money trying to prevent something you cannot.


By Eric Tlozek

Premier Campbell Newman says the State Government will make sure a program to track the location of sex offenders is working properly.

A man on a dangerous prisoner supervision order has been charged over a weekend attack on a 31-year-old woman at Wacol in Brisbane's south-west.

Mr Newman says he wants authorities to check if the system for fitting GPS trackers to sex offenders could be improved.

"Look I believe the program is one that works," he said.

"Can it be done better? Yes."
- How?  Magic pixie dust doesn't exist yet!

"And will we be looking at ways to improve the safety of security of Queenslanders through this and other initiatives? Yes we will."

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