Friday, January 18, 2013

AR - Proposed bill prohibits sex offenders from swimming areas, playgrounds

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) -- Senator Missy Irvin said a newly proposed bill (Act-39 PDF) would prohibit level 3 or 4 sex offenders from a swimming area or children's playground within an Arkansas State Park.

"What we're looking at is where there are children present. We really don't want this level of sex offender there present. So, it really does give them the ability to ask them to leave," said Irvin.

Children's playgrounds include play areas designated for kids both indoors and outdoors. Beaches, swimming pools and water parks would be considered swimming areas.


dc said...

had to comment on this one. Really swimming areas in state parks....come on it may be close to election time. I wish we would all focus more of our energy toward educating children of what to do if abuse happens to them instead of continuing to punish children of RSO by not allowing us to take them to PUBLIC places

SOIssues said...

Why are children least likely to be supervised in swimming areas and parks? Why isn't the parents being held responsible for their own children? They should be monitoring them, especially if they are underage.