Monday, January 28, 2013

AL - Bill Aims To Prevent Group Living By Convicted Sex Offenders

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By Nick Banaszak

HUNTSVILLE (WHNT) - Keeping convicted sex offenders away from each other is the aim of a newly filed bill in the Alabama Legislature.

State Rep. Mike Ball (R-Madison) is among a group of lawmakers who are targeting so-called sex offender “clusters” that are often near children. If passed, House Bill 85 (Legislature) would prohibit convicted sex offenders from living at the same residence, preventing community living that Ball said has gotten out of hand in many parts of the state. The bill would also require that all sex offenders live at least 500 feet away from each other.

Ball said several Alabama communities have been hampered by groups of sex offenders living together in closely condensed places like motels and apartment complexes.
- The reason is because of the very laws that Alabama has passed, the residency laws.  It's only common sense that is would force people to live in certain areas of the state, but hey, politics is not about common sense.

When folks feel their children are endangered, we need to do something,” said Rep. Ball, who helped craft the bill. “If someone has a drinking problem or a drug problem, you need to stay away from people with that same problem, because it’s just not conducive to managing to curb your instincts…If children live nearby and there’s just a large number of them [sex offenders], it just creates a huge problem for that particular community.”

House Bill 85 was filed last week, but there are two exceptions for the 500 foot rule. Sex offenders who are temporarily living at treatment centers within close proximity to other offenders’ houses would be exempt from the guidelines, as would sex offenders who are related.

Rep. Ball dismissed claims that the bill would make it even tougher for sex offenders to live anywhere in Alabama. State law already prohibits sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of schools or daycare centers.
- And it's this residency law which has created the problem he is having to make another law to fix?  Why don't you fix the original problem, residency laws?

The fact is, if you commit sex offenses, penalties are probably not as harsh as a lot of people would like them to be…Folks need to think long and hard before they commit those violations.”


Loneranger said...

Ok so lets just put this out there. If they can not live with in 2000 feet of schools etc. this reduces the available housing to the point where there is little left that would qualify then they can not live with in 500 feet of each other. Ok what's left? Some will have a place and the rest are homeless due to these laws. Then your going to complain because you don't know where they are. What about the homes that have more then one offender? Frankly this is a possibility as well. Will they need to split up the kids? How many more problems do you want to create? Trying to save that one child are you?

shiners said...

I think people as individuals are pretty damn smart. Herd mentality results in incredible absurdity. When the government decides that constitutional rights can be removed as long as the herd votes on them, you end up with insane laws.

When the majority of people hear "sex offender" and think "that person is going to jump out of the bushes and steal my child" you have a problem. It makes sense that people will want revenge on that criminal class.

Bad news is the most entertaining, gossip is addictive, and people love having control over others. There is a reason why people want to better their lives by moving up the chain at a company, having more responsibilities, and MORE control over their employees.
Having a sex offender registry allows the everyman to have control over a class of sub-citizen. This power is addictive and often results in these laws getting passed. It appears to me that the government merely suggests a law, and the people pass it into existence.
However, when the people allow the government to remove the rights of one group, they will see how far they the can. It might not be today, or even a decade... but slowly and surely the government will gain more and more control because of the herd mentality.

The previous comment was spot on. If a family has two 18 year old sons arrested for statutory rape of a 16 year old while attending the same high school, then those two sons will now need to live 500 feet apart assuming they are out of prison. Now if another sex offender already lives within 500 feet of one son, the other will need to be 500 feet beyond that.

The law is designed to banish all sex offenders to area that are not populated.

If a sex offender was to commit a sex crime, wouldn't it be wiser to kidnap the victim and bring them back to their house, rather than abduct the girl next door? Wouldn't that be too obvious?

Doesn't that mean people would actually be.... SAFER... if a sex offender was in their neighborhood?

There are far scarier criminals out there.

deathklok said...

After having read so many articles reflecting our societies overwhelming and unconscionable fear about the "swarming behaviors" of registrants, I would like to propose a collective noun to associate when referring to a group of registrants.

akin to:
pride of lions
parliament of owls
murder of crows

With these examples in mind I would like to propose that a group of sex offenders from here on out be referred to as a 'Hysteria'.