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VA - Guard (Kelly Lee Willhoite) guilty of sexual advances

Kelly Lee Willhoite
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By Susan Robertson

WILLIAMSBURG – A former corrections officer at Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail could face hard time for abusing his position of authority to take sexual liberties with two female inmates.

Kelly Lee Willhoite, 48, was convicted Wednesday in Circuit Court of misdemeanor indecent exposure and carnal knowledge of a prisoner. He pleaded not guilty and insisted that one of the victims' allegations was entirely false, concocted in an effort to get him fired.

Assistant commonwealth attorney Michael Gaten asserted that Willhoite exploited his authority and was "preying" on women. Willhoite was charged with indecent exposure in February, and with carnal knowledge in August 2011.

The victim from August testified she was in the back of the jail medical unit when she first encountered Willhoite. She said he engaged her in conversation and spoke to her for most of the day about life and his family. Eventually the conversation turned. "He asked me if I could take off my shirt so he could see my breasts," she testified.

She said Willhoite pressed the issue when she refused, asking 3-4 more times for her to flash him. The only other officer in medical that day was on the other side of the unit. She said Willhoite retrieved food from his desk and gave it to her, which she said made her feel obligated to give him what he wanted. She testified Willhoite then asked if he could touch her. He reached through the tray slot in her door and touched her breasts and eventually between her legs.

"He said it felt good," she testified. "And he wished he was on night shift because we could take it a whole lot further."

PA - Former guard (Dale Guyer) sentenced in prison sex case

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WEST CHESTER — A now retired Chester County Prison correctional officer was sentenced to three years of probation Thursday for having a sexual relationship with a female inmate.

Retired Cpl. Dale Guyer, 49, of Coatesville, pleaded guilty to institutional sexual assault earlier this year for engaging in sexual intercourse with an inmate on Oct. 30 and 31 of 2010, according to court documents. Prosecutors said the offenses occurred inside the Prison Work Release Center in an area off limits to inmates.

Prosecutors, who requested a state prison sentence, argued that Guyer, abused his authority to coerce the victim into engaging in the relationship. Officials subsequently asked Guyer to retire from the prison,

The sexual intercourse was consensual to the extent that a prison inmate can consent to sexual overtures from a corporal employed by the prison in which the inmate is incarcerated,” prosecutors argued in a sentencing memorandum filed in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.

In those letters, the prosecution said Guyer threatened to spread compromising photographs of the victim to her friends and family. The harassment continued to the point that the victim eventually filed for a protection from abuse order against Guyer, court records said.

The relationship between Guyer and his victim continued, consensually, after she was released on parole in December 2010. In February 2011, the victim attempted to break off the relationship, but Guyer continued to contact her with threatening and harassing letters, according to the prosecution’s sentencing memorandum.

Prosecutors argued that though Guyer does not present a threat of physical harm to the public, his offenses could lead to a potential loss of faith in the system that exists to maintain order and justice.

VA - Former Bedford County SRO (Earnest Grubbs) sentenced for sex with Liberty High School student

Earnest Grubbs
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Lawyers for both the commonwealth and Earnest Grubbs agreed in court that Grubbs will leave the Blue Ridge Regional Jail's custody and be home tonight.

The victim in this case read a handwritten statement to the judge, James Updike.

She said it was a last minute decision to write the statement and testify.

The teen said she trusted Grubbs and told him many things in confidence.

"He kept telling me there wasn't anything wrong with what we were doing," she said, shedding tears.

The girl said Grubbs "robbed" her of her innocence and felt "taken advantage of."

She said Grubbs was very "controlling" and that she eventually felt "trapped."

To close the teenage girl said she was working on forgiveness but would never forget.

Roanoke County commonwealth's attorney Randy Leach, handling the case after Bedford County commonwealth's attorney Randy Krantz recused himself since Grubbs is an ex-Bedford County sheriff's deputy, called Grubbs a "master manipulator."

The girl's mother told Updike that she vehemently disagreed with the plea deal, which set Grubbs free after thirteen months in jail.

Updike asked Grubbs if he had anything to say before he signed off on the plea agreement.

Grubbs told Updike he did not.

Former Bedford County School Resource Officer (SRO) Earnest Grubbs will be released from prison, after a judge accepted his plea deal in a sex case with a Liberty High School student this afternoon (Friday).

The deal sentenced the former Liberty High School SRO to 13 months in jail, which is the time he has already served. Grubbs will also:

  • Be placed on supervised probation for five years
  • Be placed on electronic monitoring (essentially an ankle bracelet) indefinitely
  • Be placed on the sex offender registry

The plea deal involved Grubbs pleading guilty to five felony charges of taking indecent liberties with a minor. Grubbs denied having sex with the female student.

The prosecutor said at sentencing that Grubbs recognized an opportunity with the teen girl, after she started at Liberty High School following a tragedy in her family.

Investigators believe Grubbs became a mentor to the girl, then moved on to hugging, then kissing, and then in the Fall of 2011 having sex at Grubbs' home and school office.

Grubbs eventually drove off with the teen west, before being caught in Kentucky.

The teen's mother disagreed with the plea deal, and believes Grubbs should have received more jail time.

The teen herself read a statement at the hearing, claiming Grubbs manipulated her.

WI - Former Milwaukee County sheriff deputy (Phillip Wentzel) sentenced for child porn possession

Phillip Wentzel
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By Chris Patterson

MILWAUKEE - The former Milwaukee County sheriff's deputy Phillip Wentzel plead guilty in federal court to six counts of possession of child pornography. A judge handed down a 40 year prison sentence on December 21st.

Wentzel knowingly produced child pornography from 2009 to 2011, and every production included a different underage female. Wentzel posted a profile on a peer-to-peer network seeking "original" images and video of child pornography.

The FBI and Milwaukee Cyber Crimes Task force with the assistance of the Milwaukee Police Department contributed to the investigation of this case.

This case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse launched in May 2006, by the U.S. Department of Justice.

After his 40 year jail sentence, Wentzel will serve an additional 10 years of probation.

KS - Seven years later, auditors’ questions about sex-offender programs remain unanswered

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By Travis Perry

OSAWATOMIE - The Kansas Sexual Predator Treatment Program could face another audit, even though the Larned State Hospital program and the state Department of Corrections have yet to address at least one issue found by auditors some seven years ago.

Recent scrutiny of some state lawmakers has placed the Larned program back into the spotlight after a pair of legislative committees asked the state conduct a second performance audit.

Republicans Carolyn McGinn, chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and Marc Rhoades, chair of the House Appropriations Committee, expressed concern over the expanding population of sexual predators living at Larned, saying low release rates suggest the program isn’t effective in rehabilitating offenders.

But a 2005 audit of the Larned SPTP (PDF) highlighted the apparent lack of faith officials have in the state’s other sex-offender treatment program, orchestrated by the DOC. At the time, auditors said just more than half of the 156 individuals in the Larned program had gone through some kind of previous program while serving out their prison sentences.

Program officials told us that completion of the treatment program in prison generally has no impact on — and shouldn’t be used as an indicator of — how well a resident will progress in the Sexual Predator Treatment Program,” the audit said.

The DOC program is contracted to the Lenexa-based company Clinical Associates, which uses a mix of evidence-based therapy techniques to decrease an offender’s risk to the community and increase pro-social behavior. While SPTP therapy methods aren’t much different, the sticking point is the level of expectation.

To complete the prison program, an offender only has to demonstrate a desire to change,” the audit stated. “To complete the Sexual Predator Treatment Program, residents have to demonstrate that they have changed and can control their thought processes.”

Information on the number of people now in the Larned program who have completed the DOC program was not immediately available.

Jeremy Barclay, DOC communications director, defended the department’s process and said the program works, but some offenders are more difficult to reach than others.

FL - Sex Offender Monitoring Problematic In Florida

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This would not be as much of a problem if you'd take the registry offline, so they can get a job and home, and repeal the residency laws, so they can live in a home and somewhere else, with family or friends. The state of Florida, and lobbyists like Ron Book, and the ones creating the problems.


28% Increase In Registered Florida Sex Offenders

LABELLE - Since 2005, the number of registered sex offenders residing in Florida communities has increased by 28%, while the number of absconded offenders has continued to decline, according to a study by OPPAGA (PDF).

In Hendry county there are 30 offenders registered, all male, mostly in Clewiston including two transients, one who has absconded and one in jail. In Glades county, there are 22 including one female, one transient, and one in jail. ......

But, almost 25% of sex offenders are unable to obtain identification cards because they lack the needed documentation or money. State and local agencies have developed a stopgap measure, providing sex offenders with a letter that acknowledges that they attempted to obtain identification.

Monitoring homeless sex offenders is problematic as it is time-consuming to verify their location and provide required public notice. In addition, some offenders may claim a transient address to avoid legal requirements and restrictions.

Florida is 1 of 15 states substantially compliant with federal requirements, county sheriffs’ offices report compliance with statutorily required registration and public notification activities.

Local practices vary and some sheriffs could better coordinate with the Department of Corrections so as to not duplicate address verification efforts, says the study.

Approximately 1,100 registered sex offenders were minors at the time of their offense. While many youthful offenders are subject to registration requirements, Florida law provides some exemptions for “Romeo and Juliet” cases and some other juvenile offenders.

Florida provides citizens official websites for locating offenders as well as a means to be notified by email when an offender changes addresses.
- So why don't we have this same email service for all the other criminals, who are more dangerous than ex-sex offenders?