Thursday, November 22, 2012

MN - Inside Moose Lake, Sex Offender Vows to 'Sue His Way Out the Door'

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By Mark Albert

With less than two weeks to go until a court-imposed deadline for proposals for less restrictive alternatives to Minnesota's current program for civilly committed sex offenders, one of the sex offenders who is part of the class-action lawsuit that forced the recommendations vows to "sue my way out the front door."

"I have remorse, I'm sorry for what I did, I'm sorry I grew up as a hateful person," explained [name withheld], a 41 year-old from Minneapolis who the state has determined is a "sexually dangerous person" and has been committed since 2005.

"But I love life, I love people, I love my family. I want to go home to my family. I want to be a productive member of society," [name withheld] said during an interview recently at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program facility in Moose Lake.

[name withheld] is one of the 669 sex offenders - all men except for one woman - committed to MSOP; they represent about four percent of the state's 17,500 registered sex offenders.

The MSOP sex offenders are part of a federal lawsuit (PDF) that has been certified as class-action that has brought the state closer than ever to reforming the program, which is supposed to offer treatment to persons deemed to be "sexually dangerous" or who have a "sexually psychopathic personality."

Since 1993, not one "client," as the sex offenders are called, has ever successfully finished treatment and completely graduated from the program.

FL - Former Broward Sheriff's deputy (Christian Benenati) sentenced after prostitution sting

Christian Benenati
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By Linda Trischitta

FORT LAUDERDALE - A former Broward Sheriff's deputy who was arrested after a prostitution sting was sentenced to six months' probation Tuesday for the misdemeanor offense.

Christian Benenati, 40, was off-duty June 13 when he was accused of soliciting a Broward Sheriff's deputy who was posing as a sex worker in Pompano Beach.

According to an incident report, Benenati offered $20 for oral sex to the undercover deputy and was charged with a lewdness violation.

Four hours later he was arrested at 1000 N. University Drive in Coral Springs, the address for Bru's Room Sports Grill.

The arrest report was signed by Broward Sheriff's Sgt. George Anthony.

Though BSO said Tuesday that Anthony, 39, is suspended with pay, Anthony's lawyer, Tony Alfero said that the sergeant is working full time for BSO as a supervisor.

"The recommended discipline was two days without pay, but he hasn't served it because the hearing hasn't been held yet," Alfero said. "He was absolved of any wrongdoing by the State Attorney's Office. And he didn't do anything wrong administratively."

Alfero said Anthony was running the sting that ensnared Benenati.

"He could not shut down an expensive and productive operation to arrest a deputy," Alfero said. "Anthony called a supervisor. There was never any intention to not arrest Benenati."

Benenati was fired Nov. 2, BSO said, and is seeking to re-join the agency.

"He is working for a family business while he appeals his termination and works to get his job back," lawyer Michael A. Gottlieb said about his client.

Benenati pleaded no contest Tuesday before Broward County Judge Robert Diaz and was granted adjudication withheld, which means that he eventually may be able to have his arrest and conviction record sealed.