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Bill Burr - Pedophiles

CO - Cañon City resident proposes sex offender ordinance

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Ken Rief wants more to be done to protect children after murder of Jessica Ridgeway
- Once again, there is no proof that this girl was sexually abused or killed by a known or unknown sex offender, but society, as usual, wants to punish all ex-sex offenders for the deeds of a murderer.

Cañon City resident Ken Rief proposed Monday that the city council consider creating a sex offender ordinance during their regular council meeting.

"I'm sure we all know that we have a problem in this county with child predators," he said, citing the recent abduction and murder of Jessica Ridgeway of the Denver metro area, the alleged sex assault of a girl in Cody, Wyo., and a reported abduction in Pueblo.

"I'd like to know why we haven't tried passing a city ordinance restricting where sex offenders may be -- near schools, libraries, city parks," he said. "Why they're allowed to give out candy on Halloween."
- Because, as you do, they have rights!

Rief said he believes the issue is a significant problem, but he doesn't see anything being done about it.

"There are a lot of cities throughout this country that are going to these sex offender ordinances, and, of course, the ACLU is coming in and shutting them down, but I think that we need to try to do something like that," he said. "I think that our kids are the most important things that we have on this planet, and I just don't understand why more isn't being done."

Rief said he has written to city council members, congressmen and senators regarding the issue.

"I'm almost offended that nobody is doing anything about this," he said. "We need to do something to send a statement saying we're not going to put up with this stuff anymore."
- So why don't we have a registry for all ex-criminals then?  You see, it's not about being fair and protecting everyone, it's all about punishing the scapegoat, the ex-sex offender.

City Attorney John Havens after the meeting said there are no local ordinances, and he is not aware of any state laws that restrict where convicted sex offenders may live or spend their time.

"Some jurisdictions have done that, and some states have done that and he is very correct, the ACLU files suits wherever these efforts are made," he said. "They're not always successful, but you're into very expensive territory and you go through several levels of court."
- They file suit because you are running on emotions instead of facts, and passing unconstitutional laws.

AUSTRALIA - State Government say 'No' to sex offenders site

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By Brooke Baskin

A website that reveals where convicted sex offenders live is "not a priority" in Queensland, says Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie.

The West Australian Government's Community Protection website went live on Monday and can provide the public with photographs and some basic information on the state's worse sex offenders, including pedophiles.

Mr Bleijie said he wasn't "averse to the idea" but added setting up a similar government-run database for sex offenders in Queensland wasn't a big priority.

"What we've done with our laws for sex offenders, particularly child sex offenders, (means) if you are convicted of a child sex offence and serve time in prison, and you come out and do it again, then there is a mandatory life imprisonment," he said.

"There is also a non parole period of 20 years."

He said the government had to straddle a line between informing the community and promoting vigilantism.

Police Minister Jack Demspey said he would be watching the Western Australian website "with interest".

He said the state was already home to some of the toughest sex offender legislation in Australia, including 24-hour GPS tracker monitoring and indefinite detention under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sex Offenders) Act 2003 (PDF).

Mr Dempsey said "targeted disclosure" meant some immediate neighbours and victims of crime would be notified of a sex offender's location.

He said Queensland Corrective Services had commenced a notification scheme designed to send SMS alerts to nearby schools and childcare centres if a sex offender deliberately removed their GPS tracker and may have been in the vicinity.

A QCS spokesman said 79 dangerous sex offenders living in Queensland were fitted with GPS trackers while 88 offenders had been declared under the DPSOA.

UK - Police officer (Simon Jones) had sex with vulnerable victims

Simon Jones
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A former police officer has pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office after admitting having sexual relationships with two victims of crime.

Simon Jones, aged 32, who was serving at Worksop police station at the time of his offending and now lives in South Wales, admitted the two offences at Nottingham Crown Court.

He had sexual relationships with two vulnerable victims of crime and also had sex while on duty on one occasion.

Jones, who had already resigned from Nottinghamshire Police following his arrest earlier this year, is to be sentenced on Friday.

Assistant Chief Constable Sue Fish said: “Simon Jones’ conduct while he was a serving police officer was not just reprehensible but criminal, and it is right that he should have been brought before the court to answer the charges of misconduct in a public office.

Police officers have a huge responsibility in protecting the vulnerable and upholding the law, and in both of these respects Simon Jones was found wanting.”

He abused the trust that the public places in the police force.”

People should rightly expect police officers to exhibit the highest standards of professionalism and integrity at all times.”

CA - Simi Valley ex-sex offenders want their Halloween candy

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We've changed the title. Replaced "molesters" with ex-sex offenders, and "Halloweed" with Halloween.  And this is not about wanting to pass out candy, it's about rights.  I am willing to bet most don't celebrate Halloween in the first place.


By Bill Carroll

A number of California communities have begun enforcing Halloween restrictions on sex offenders, banning them from putting up holiday displays and outside lighting on Oct. 31. Some are required to place a sign on their front doors, telling children no candy or treats will be handed out.

But some believe such restrictions violates the 1st Amendment rights and those of their families.

Times reporter Steve Chawkins reported that less than a month after Simi Valley approved Halloween restrictions for registered sex offenders, the city has been sued.

Both the prohibition on decorations and the mandatory sign violate free-speech rights, according to the lawsuit.

Chawkins reported that 119 registered sex offenders live in Simi Valley. Although some have been convicted of misdemeanors and do not have their names displayed, 67 have been guilty of more serious crimes and are publicly listed on the Megan's Law website. None has been involved in crimes involving children on Halloween, according to police, who say they have no records of any such crime occurring in Simi Valley during Halloween trick-or-treating.
- There is only one case that we are aware of, of a child being sexually harmed on Halloween, and that was back in 1973. It's a moral panic, just like the "razor blades in candy" scare.

Audio from the podcast:

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AUSTRALIA - Young woman avoids jail for stabbing sex offender

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If a man did the same, many years later, he'd still be sent to prison for attempted murder, yet women are almost always given a light sentence.  Also, if a cop was threatened with a knife, they'd shoot the person and be justified.


By Loukas Founten

A former promising cyclist has been given a suspended jail sentence for stabbing an official who sexually abused her as a teenager.

Former Cycling Australia official [name withheld] was given a suspended sentence in 2009 for numerous child sex offences.

The South Australian Supreme Court heard his victim, who is now 20, went to [name withheld]'s house at Kilburn in northern Adelaide in September last year and stabbed him on the doorstep when he refused to come outside to talk to her.

The young woman pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious harm to [name withheld] and assaulting his wife, Christine.

The court was told the woman was a committed and talented cyclist at 16 and met [name withheld] in a group cycling training session in 2008.

The pair developed a sexual relationship which lasted about five months until the girl told her mother and police were called in.

Justice Anne Vanstone said there was a direct connection between the offences committed against the woman and the offences she committed.

But Justice Vanstone said people had a right to feel safe in their own homes.
- Well, with the sentence you gave this woman, do you think people will feel safe?

"You found the suspension [of Mr [name withheld]'s sentence] too much to bear and attempted suicide by overdose," she said.
- Something is not being told here.  It says above they developed a relation ship, so I assume the sex, if any, was consensual, even though she was underage.  I doubt it was "life altering," since she consented.  It's probably jealousy, that is why she also attacked the wife, but those are only assumptions.

"It is clear that the effect of Mr [name withheld]'s offences against you have been catastrophic."
- Which offenses?  The consensual sex or the fact that he is now married with another woman?

Despite the fact the woman carried the knife with her, Justice Vanstone said she could not find that the attack was premeditated.
- What?  Of course it was premeditated!

"On the front doorstep you tried to get Mr [name withheld] to come outside. You had the knife behind your back. You told him you wanted to talk about your relationship," she said.

Lunged with knife

Justice Vanstone said when Mr [name withheld] refused to move outside, the woman lunged at him and stabbed him in the torso, then waved the knife at [wife name withheld].
- Why would she attack the wife?  Jealousy?

Justice Vanstone said the offending was extremely serious because of the potentially lethal consequences.

She said but for rapid medical intervention, Mr [name withheld] would have died.

"Two of Mr [name withheld]'s children witnessed these events," she said.
- Wow, all this, and the judge basically slapped her on the wrist?

"In addition, the offending occurred on the threshold of the victims' home where they are entitled to feel safe and secure."
- And yet you basically let her get away with it.

"The entire situation for both families has been disastrous."

Justice Vanstone jailed the woman for a minimum of 18 months but suspended the sentence and imposed a $500 three-year bond.

The woman is also prevented from making contact with [name withheld] and his family.

Before she left the court the young woman told the judge she had learnt her lesson.

"I intend to get on with my life and I'll never commit a crime again," she said.

"I've been punished very hard and I just want to get on with my life."

Mr [name withheld] and his supporters were present in court but did not comment on the outcome as they left the building.