Saturday, September 1, 2012

Walsh Act and K1 Visa

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By JW:
I may be going through these issues as others are facing with this Walsh Act, that anyone who is a sex offender will be denied a K1 Visa for their spouse. I know to my understanding they do reject all of them from what I've read. Has anyone had any luck in their appeals process? It's rather a sick country when an agency dictates who you can and can't fall in love with. Everyone seems to follow the band wagon and pretty much if all the misinformed liberals had it their way we would have no rights at all. It states if you can prove you are not a threat to your spouse etc. Well I see no differnece in letting a 67 year old vet who has PTSD and they give him the ok to marry a 19 year old. It seems that eveyone runs with the label SEX OFFENDER and it's a battle cry to over punish. It is quite clear everyone wants to wear their version of the "good guy badge"

OK - Some sex offenders now live in woods, Oklahoma City ministry's officials say

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By Juliana Keeping

Hand Up Ministries in Oklahoma City has removed tents housing sex offenders from its property, but some former residents now live in the woods, ministry officials say.

More than a month after an Oklahoma City ministry was warned to remove tents housing sex offenders from its property, some of the men have moved into trailers.

Others have left; some of them are living at undisclosed locations in the woods, according to ministry officials.

Since a law that prohibits sex offenders from living together in manufactured homes took effect July 1, several dozen offenders at Hand Up Ministries' 2130 SE 59 location have had to find a new place to live.

We put some of them in trailers that had no electricity or water, but they have an address where they can register,” ministry Director James Womack said. “We're working on getting water and electric to them as fast as we can.”

Today, 143 men live at the trailer park, down from a peak of about 250, Womack said. Previously, the ministry housed two or three men in each trailer. The tents were put up to house men who had no where else to go after the new law took effect, according to the ministry.

In mid-July, the ministry was told the property wasn't zoned for tents.

Frequent inspections
Residents pay a weekly program fee of $100, said the ministry's founder, the Rev. David Nichols. They receive spiritual support, help finding work and rides to treatment centers. The men have a curfew and must follow rules, such as avoiding drugs and alcohol.

The statute approved by lawmakers in 2011 clarified an existing law designed to keep sex offenders from living together. Police said such arrangements make it more difficult to investigate criminal allegations.

Since the law took effect July 1, the Oklahoma City Development Services Department has inspected the property three times. Ministry officials say they're being targeted by the city and police, but city officials counter that three compliance checks since July 1 is just business as usual.

Inspectors issued a notice of violation July 17 that stated tents are not permitted on the property the way it is zoned, said Charles Locke, a code enforcement manager. Ministry officials also were warned to pick up trash on the property. The nonprofit had 30 days to comply or face a $500 fine.

When city inspectors returned Aug. 27, they found the tents removed, but the trash had not been cleared from the property. Now, a citation is pending, Locke said.

Living in the woods
Hand Up Ministries office administrator Jeff Wendel said some of the men who have left the trailer park are living in a tent city in the woods in south Oklahoma City.

The law was enacted for public safety,” he said, standing in a squalid campground in the woods. “This doesn't seem like public safety.”

Oklahoma law requires those convicted of sex offenses to register as a sex offender each year with the state Corrections Department and local law enforcement. They are required to update their address with a frequency scaled to the severity of their offense. Those without an address — such as the men living in tents — have to register every week, Womack said.

It's not clear how many homeless sex offenders stay in Oklahoma City, said Dan Straughan, executive director of the Homeless Alliance.

About 1,200 registered sex offenders live in Oklahoma City, but they are banned from living in huge swathes of the city. The law prohibits sex offenders from living near schools, playgrounds, parks or child care centers.

Police Chief Bill Citty has pointed out that the roughly 1,000 registered sex offenders living outside of a Hand Up Ministries trailer park have found a place to live.

FL - Sexual predators at school

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School is the last place would expect your child to encounter a sexual predator, but there are cases where they can gain access to your child's school.

This school may be tobacco free, but it's not necessarily sex offender free.

"It's not uncommon that we have a parent who's a sexual predator who wants to come to school and meet with a child's teacher and have lunch with their child. We do not keep them out of school. They're allowed to come to the school. Again they're supervised," said Dr. Doug Whittaker, Charlotte County Superintendent.

Supervised or not, parents don't like the policy.

"I don't think as a sexual predator or if you have been convicted of a felony of any sort you should be allowed in the school at all," said parent Becky Jones.

State law says anyone convicted of a sex crime is prohibited from being on school property unless they warn the school district ahead of time that they plan to show up.

Our investigation revealed each district enforces the law differently.

In Lee County, the district allows parents who are sex offenders to be in the schools, under strict supervision, but spouses of teachers aren't allowed.

Collier County says a known sexual predator can visit the school, but they're escorted on and off campus under tight supervision.

In Charlotte County a parent or spouse can visit under strict guidelines.

"Whoever comes into the school is met at the front desk. They give us their driver's license. It generates a report. If there is anything in that personal background, whether it's a sexual offense or a sexual predator then that person is chaperoned for the duration of the time they're in the school for the business they have," said Whittaker.

Jones says that's not enough.

"I don't think as a sexual predator or if you have been convicted of a felony of any sort you should be allowed in the school at all," said Jones.

There are parents who are ok with the policy, because the visits are supervised.

In fact they believe their children are more at risk on a playground.

"This could happen anywhere at a playground. You can't always keep an eye on your child at every single time," said parent Chrystal Colon.