Wednesday, August 15, 2012

VA - Former Richmond police officer (Ronald E. Oaks Jr.) enters plea in indecent liberties case

Ronald E. Oaks Jr.
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By Bill McKelway

A former Richmond police officer was sent to jail this morning after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of taking indecent liberties with a minor.

Ronald E. Oaks Jr., 42, left a Henrico County Circuit Court courtroom in handcuffs, sentenced to a 12-month jail term with all but one month suspended.

Oaks, a former K9 officer, is now employed as a security guard in Alabama. He was arrested in November on a felony charge and pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor in a plea agreement today.

Oaks was involved in a situation in which he was standing in line at a fast food restaurant with his son and a 15-year-old female, who later testified that Oaks demanded that she show him nude pictures of herself.

During an investigation, Oaks said that he intended to show the pictures to an administrator at Godwin High School and was concerned about who may have been the intended recipient.

But the victim testified that Oaks made suggestive remarks to her about the pictures and was forceful and threatening about seeing the pictures.

Oaks will not be required to register as a sex offender.

AR - Sheriff Mike Smith Posting Sex Offenders' Information to Facebook

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By Lauren Trager

Conway County Sheriff (Faceboook) Mike Smith hasn't always been an internet savvy guy. But to keep people safe, he's says, he'll give anything a try.

"It being the information age, we are going to use everything that we can," Sheriff Smith said.

That's why, he says, he started posting sex offender's information to the sheriff office's Facebook page.
- So what all the other criminals who are more of a threat to children and adults?

Each complete with a picture, name, exact address and criminal offense.

"I want to know about it and I want to make sure the folks know about it," Sheriff Smith said.

But some say, it's simply too much.

"What they are doing is carrying it way too far," said Lora, a family member of a sex offender who wanted to stay anonymous.

She doesn't like the comments people have posted on site.

"When you put it out on Facebook where others can comment on it, that's just hurtful," she said.
- And we personally think that is their objective, to name and shame, but just wait until Mr. Smith's own child or family member is put on the list!  I am willing to bet he'd not post that photo on Facebook.

And she says she's worried sex offender's family members will be targeted with their address available for all the see.

"But what about the people who live in these houses, do they get no rights either?" she said.

The state's registry site, she notes, doesn't display specific addresses. Level 1 offenders are excluded from the state's site all together. But that's not so on the sheriff's Facebook page.

Sheriff Mike Smith

Lora says it's a violation of rights she plans to fight.

But the sheriff says, like sex offenders themselves, the site isn't going away anytime soon.

"If there was an island we can stick them all off on, that would be great, but it's not that way," said Sheriff Smith.

At least four other sheriff's offices do something similar.

The state says it's not illegal for sheriffs to post sex offenders to Facebook, though they wouldn't recommend putting the least violent offenders on there.

IL - Feds charge sheriff's sergeant (Gregory M. Pyle) in child porn case

Gregory M. Pyle
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ROCKFORD – A McHenry County sheriff's sergeant accused of sexually assaulting a child has been arrested again, this time on federal charges that he produced child pornography and distributed it over the Internet.

Gregory M. Pyle, 36, who has worked for the sheriff's department for more than 10 years, was taken into custody Tuesday and ordered held without bond until a detention hearing Friday. Formerly of Crystal Lake, Pyle has been living in Crest Hills, near Joliet.

Pyle, who had been head of the evidence division since June 2010, was relieved of his law enforcement duties and placed on administrative leave shortly after his first arrest in January.

According to federal court documents, a person under investigation for child pornography identified the user names of other people with whom he had traded child pornography over the Internet. Pyle allegedly was identified as the person using two of those names under which sexually explicit images, including of a minor child, were transmitted.

During an interview with authorities, the minor said Pyle had sexually abused him on multiple occasions, including on a trip to Wisconsin.

According to the criminal complaint, Pyle traveled to Wisconsin in December 2008 with the boy, then 10 years old, with the intent to engage in a sexual act with him and produce child pornography, which was then transmitted through the Internet.

Besides 10 counts of predatory criminal sexual assault of a child that Pyle faces in McHenry County, he was charged in federal court with aggravated sexual abuse of a child and producing child pornography by sexual exploitation of a child.

Crossing a state line to engage in a sexual act with a minor under 12 carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years and a maximum of life in prison. Sexual exploitation of a child under 12 years of age for the purpose of producing child pornography carries a mandatory minimum of 15 years and a maximum of 30 years in prison.

Both counts carry a $250,000 maximum fine. If convicted, the actual sentence will be determined by a United States District Court judge guided by the United States Sentencing Guidelines.

Pyle, who was one of four officers specializing in cases that require computer and Internet forensic work, has been receiving pay for benefit time earned while with the department, according to Sheriff Keith Nygren. That means he is being paid for unused vacation and sick and personal days.

Nygren could not be reached for comment late Tuesday.

Pyle's next scheduled court date on the local charges is Sept. 10. His attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the charges against him, saying the indictment was not specific enough.


GA - Former SPD cop (John Thomas DeGuire) faces child sex charges

John Thomas DeGuire
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By Jim Wallace

SYLVESTER - A former Sylvester Police Officer was arrested by Sylvester Police this morning, when he tried to meet who he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex.

48-year-old John Thomas DeGuire, who lives in Tifton, was arrested at 8:30 this morning at Jeffords Park in Sylvester. Investigators from the Sylvester Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children took pictures from his facebook page.

Investigators say for the last week DeGuire thought he was communicating over the computer with a 14-year-old girl, but really it was a police officer.

They searched DeGuire's home and car and seized his computer. DeGuire is charged with computer child exploitation, intent to commit child molestation, and enticing a child for indecent purposes.

Investigators say more charges could be filed. He was a Sylvester officer in the 1990's.

NY - New law allows police to release more information on sex offenders

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By Scott DeSmit

More information regarding registered sex offenders is now available as a result of changes in the New York State Corrections Law.

Law enforcement agencies can now provide the exact address of Level 2 sex offenders as a result of an amendment to Megan’s Law enacted earlier this year.

Before, only exact addresses of Level 3 offenders could be posted on sex offender registries.

City of Batavia Police Detective Sgt. Patrick Corona said in a news release Tuesday morning that the city of Batavia’s sex offender website will now be providing the exact addresses of Level 2 offenders.

He said that is “keeping with its policy to provide the residents of the city with the maximum amount of information allowed by law regarding registered sex offenders.”
- So why not provide home addresses, photos, and criminal records for ALL criminals?

Convicted sex offenders are classified three ways: Levels 1, the least severe, Level 2 and Level 3, the most serious offenders.

It is up to individual law enforcement agencies to decide which offenders are listed on their registries.

The state registry includes only level 2 and 3 offenders.

The city’s own website lists all levels of offenders.

It does not list the address of Level 1 offenders and provides only limited information about the offenders.

The city has 32 Level 1 offenders, 26 Level 2 and 17 Level 3 offenders.

NY - Hearing in Walden regarding new sex offender law

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WALDEN - A public hearing on new restrictions for sex offenders living in Walden is scheduled for Tuesday night.

The law would create a sex offender residency law making it illegal for Level 2 and Level 3 sex offenders to live within 500 feet of a school or daycare center in the village.

The legislation would be retroactive meaning current sex offenders living near those facilities would be forced to move. Village Mayor Brian Maher introduced the legislation after reports of a sex offender living across the street from an elementary school surfaced.
- So it's an unconstitutional ex-post-facto law, and as mentioned in the video below, this Mayor is up for election to a higher position, so of course he's going to bust out these issues.

Maher, who is also a candidate for state assembly said with the lack of action on the state level, small communities are forced to take up these issues.

The meeting is set for 6:30 pm at Village Hall.