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Producer looking for a story - Mom whose son/daughter was involved in a Romeo & Juliet type crime

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Hi Folks,

I have a producer looking for a particular type of story and let me just say this up front. Women Against Registry advocates for all types of offenses and we are working to get the media and television entities to expand their story lines.

She is looking for a Mom whose daughter or son was involved in a Romeo & Juliet type scenario and the individual is incarcerated.

She is also looking for a story where a Romeo & Juliet couple are now married and he/she are on the registry.

If your family falls within either of those criteria and you would be willing to be interviewed please contact me right away.

Vicki Henry
Women Against Registry

WI - Dropping sex offender ordinance a question of safety

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By Jerry Wiezbiskie

Your City Council has supported a sex offender residency ordinance in an attempt to assure your safety. It is not happening. In fact, your safety has decreased.

Your City Council has voted to keep this ordinance — restricting any child sex offender from living within 2,000 feet of areas where children gather — despite being presented with large amounts of compelling data from across the country showing that this type of ordinance does not work. It does not keep kids safe, it pushes offenders underground, it gives the general public a false sense of security, and it could cost the city a lot of money.

First, sex offenders do not randomly commit their crimes because of how closely they live to a school or park; no evidence supports this theory, and studies by the state of Minnesota, Lynn University and assault victim’s advocacy groups show residency laws have no effect on safety.

Second, when the offenders go underground, the Department of Corrections cannot properly supervise them, resulting with re-offense and a decrease in public safety. Consequently, this type of ordinance sets up roadblocks for trained law enforcement personnel from performing their jobs effectively.
- A majority of the time, it doesn't result in a re-offense!

Third, the ordinance can also place your city in lawsuits like a Pennsylvania case called Fross vs. Allegheny County. In that case, the court ordered the county to pay over $320,000 just in attorneys’ fees. It may be worth the risk if this ordinance kept kids safe, but instead it puts our kids at risk and the city at risk too.

Many professionals have spoken out against this ordinance, including Brown County Assistant D.A. Kevin Greene and Outgoing Green Bay Police Chief Jim Arts.

These are people focused on public safety. Many others have gone on record against the residency restriction. The Green Bay Police Department, the Green Bay City Attorney’s Office, the Brown County District Attorney’s Office, state Rep. Karl Van Roy, five city alderpersons and the Wisconsin Department of Corrections all say this ordinance is not consistent with promoting public safety, but rather gives your citizens a false sense of security.

How your alderpersons voted:
  • Keep this ordinance: Tom DeWane, Andy Nicholson, Tim DeWane, Joe Moore, Dave Boyce, Jesse Brunette and Thomas Sladek.
  • Repeal this ordinance: Jerry Wiezbiskie, Amy Kocha, James Warner, Mark Steuer and Brian Danzinger.

Please contact your alderperson and encourage them to use good judgment and eliminate the 2,000-foot residency restriction, or at least amend the Green Bay Sex Offender Residency Ordinance to decrease the potential for lawsuit. We must promote common sense by making a wise decision based on evidence, not a hasty decision based on fear and ignorance. Making these changes will finally contribute to improving public safety.

AZ - Phoenix Cop (Christopher Wilson), Liaison to LGBT Community, Admits to Sexual Misconduct With Two Teenage Boys

Christopher J. Wilson
Original Article


By Jason Lewis

Phoenix Police arrested now-former fellow officer Christopher J. Wilson last night for alleged sexual misconduct with two teenage boys.

Wilson admitted to having improper sexual relationships with a 14-year-old boy and a 17-year-old boy, according to Phoenix police Sergeant Trent Crump.

An investigation into Wilson's misconduct began yesterday afternoon after the parents of the 14-year-old victim came forward to police to disclose Wilson's sexual contact with him, Crump says.

The 14-year-old first told his parents about the incidents over the weekend and knew the 17-year-old through his duties as liaison to the community, Crump says.

Wilson served as a liaison to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, and he resigned from his position with the Phoenix Police Department after being faced with termination.

Wilson's connection to the 17-year-old boy was discovered by police during interviews with the 14-year-old victim.

The 17-year-old told police Wilson had ongoing sexual contact with him. Police suspect that Wilson had engaged in sexual misconduct with the victim for three to four months, and three to four weeks with the 14-year-old.

Crump says investigators believe the incidents of sexual misconduct took place while Wilson was off-duty, and the investigation is still ongoing, as police are trying to find out whether there are any other victims.

KS - Lost job due to media

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By AH:
I've been working a buisness for the last year and help build it. i was there computer tech and networking and arcade specialist...due to the place in the project of opening...i didn't have to fill out application and my resume sounded good enough...after close to a year of working there the topeka papers decided to put alll sex offenders on the paper...2 weeks later. they were posting my picture with my case...they always sent it to the media again to let them know where i work had to no choice but to let me go..i would have quit if they didn't due to i don't want to ruined a very successful buisness....I'm a father of 3 with another due in 3 weeks...happily married and loven life..till this crap. this isn't the first it's happend but tired of this..I was a 18 yr old jr in highschool my gf was a freashman 15. I think some should be registered or locked up for life..then theres some that dont even belong on the list...we all get treated like monsters....I've lost 3 jobs the past 3 years....waaay more then that tho..but last 3 were good careers..all my bosses did not want to let me go and tried to keep me...but just could't...I wouldn't either.....i'm ready to fight..I met alot of people who love me and respect me and think my case is crap..and i need to do something...but what?..its just not right..i was in highschool..wasn't i a kid...i know of others that have the same sickens me....ready to fight...i got kids to put to bed please contact me with anything i can do or any information you need. thanks

MS - Facebook is removing sex offenders

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

We are aware of this, and if you can legally use social networks in your state, then you should us a pseudonym and not post any information that can be used to identify you.

By CH:
On August 2, 2012 I left my house to do some contract work on a computer in another state. When I returned and logged onto the internet my Facebook page would not come up. Facebook responded to my question of why with a request for my ID. I sent them a JPG of my drivers license and sex offender ID from the state of Mississippi and was told I could not use Facebook and was referred to their terms. If you go there and look at their terms page Section 4 starts with:

4. Registration and Account Security:

Facebook users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

Line item 6 under that says:

"You will not use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender."

I have started a petition at asking Facebook to change their policy.

Stop the removal of honest sex offenders from Facebook

OK - Satanic cult harassing of a Sex Offender

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By A:
I was pleased to find this blog. I am speaking out against the harassment of a Sex Offender in Oklahoma. This blog is for dealing with the harassment and smear of select individuals. Social Media is being abused to harass a registered sex offender with a Class 1 rating.

A 'campaign' was launched in April 2012 and still rages on today. There is a bit of a twist, these folks are Satanists and Occultists. It adds an extra kick to the stigma.

The offender is a Satanist, which is in charge of theory and practice of a church registered in his wife's name.

The folks harassing this man, wife, and members of their church are also Satanists/Occultists.

The campaign involved not just on-line postings, but audio postings, and reports on external sites.

No matter what this guy does, he can't seem to catch a break. I stepped in to speak out against what was being done to him and his family, and I too was branded with a 'sex offender' scarlet letter. I've even been accused of pedophilia, and running a kiddie porn ring, for simply speaking out against this blatant harassment.

TX - Edinburg tightens requirements for sex offenders

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By Jared Janes

EDINBURG - The city’s newest ordinance will clamp down on registered sex offenders in a way designed to discourage them from living in Edinburg.

The Edinburg City Council unanimously adopted an ordinance Wednesday that will prohibit registered sex offenders from loitering near children-oriented facilities and require them to stay behind closed doors on Halloween night. Carrying a penalty of $2,000 per violation, the ordinance places restrictions on registered sex offenders whose presence around schools, parks and day care centers isn’t limited by state law once they’ve completed probation and parole.

But Edinburg Mayor Pro Tem Gus Garcia said registered sex offenders are predators who can still pose a threat to children long after their court-ordered requirements are fulfilled.
- Um, no, not all of them are predators and not all of them are a threat to children.

Nothing can be done about them if they’ve met their probation,” said Garcia, calling the ordinance one of the most important ever adopted by the city. “Now that we have teeth, it sends the message that we’re going to protect our children in Edinburg.”
- Yeah right, and the sheeple continue to buy your BS.  It's nothing more than a way to make yourself look better to those same sheeple.

Under the new ordinance, registered sex offenders who have been asked to leave the premises of school or children-oriented facilities are prohibited from remaining on the premises, returning to the site within seven days or establishing a continual pattern of loitering on streets and sidewalks outside the building. The ordinance allows exemptions for registered sex offenders who are at the school to pick up their own children, attend classes at the school or just pass by in a vehicle.

The ordinance also requires sex offenders to stay in their residence on Trick-or-Treat night, turn off all their exterior lights and place a 9.5-inch-by-11-inch sign outside that says “No Candy.”

Each violation of the ordinance is a fine of $2,000.

Edinburg police Chief Rolando Castañeda said the ordinance is designed to extend the state’s restrictions on sex offenders, including those convicted of sexual assault of a child, online solicitation of a minor, possession of child pornography and other sex crimes. Although their probation or parole includes conditions similar to the Edinburg’s ordinance, those requirements are lifted once they complete that portion of their sentence.

Edinburg’s ordinance takes over from there for registered sex offenders, who must report their residence to law enforcement authorities. Adult sex offenders must register for 10 years or life — dependent on the nature of the offense — following their discharge from state supervision.

There are 102 registered sex offenders in Edinburg, some of whom live close to schools, churches, parks and other areas where children are often present, said Detective Arturo Montemayor, who leads the Edinburg Police Department’s sex offender registration unit. Officers often receive complaints from concerned citizens who worry that they reside too close to parks or schools.

But Montemayor said Edinburg had no recourse to address the residents’ concern until it had its own ordinance in place.

Other Texas cities to enact similar ordinances include Dallas, Corpus Christi, Lubbock, San Antonio and Brownsville.

It’s about protecting the whole community,” Castañeda said. “It makes the city safer for the citizens but, most importantly, safer for the children and the elderly.”
- You keep living in Wonderland, Mmmkay!

AZ - Parents angry at law that allows sex offender to live near school

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By Steve Stout and Jose Miguel

MESA, AZ (CBS5) - Some Mesa parents are outraged that a convicted sex offender lives near their children's elementary school. What makes them angrier is that there is nothing they can do about it.

The parents gathered at Superstition Springs Elementary School on Wednesday to pass out fliers to others dropping their children off on the first day of school. The fliers contain a picture of convicted sex offender [name withheld] and a warning that he lives nearby.

[name withheld], who is currently in the Fourth Avenue Jail for a parole violation, lives in his mother's home just four doors from the school.

Mesa police Detective Steve Berry assured CBS 5 News that [name withheld] is within his rights to live where he does, since he was living in the home prior to a state law that stipulates sex offenders must stay at least 1,000 feet away from a school.

Rosemarie Friend and some of her neighbors said they were unhappy with the law that allows [name withheld], a Level 3 offender, to live within 300 feet of the school.

[name withheld], considered an offender with a high risk of repeat behavior, was convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor after pornographic images of children were found on his computer.

He has lived at his current address since before 2007, before the law was enacted prohibiting sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school.

Friend and her neighbors said they wanted to warn parents of students at the school that a sex offender was living close by and that she doesn't think [name withheld] can be trusted.

"Why would you trust anyone who was looking at child pornography?" Friend said.

She said her understanding is that because he was living there prior to being convicted, and because it's his mother's home, he can stay.

Berry said there are two conditions that allow [name withheld] to stay: He lived their prior to 2007 when the law was changed, and it was not stipulated he live somewhere else by Adult Probation as a condition of his release.

"He is not breaking any laws," Berry said. "This is where he was assigned to live and go back to. He is well within his rights to do so."

The Gilbert School District weighed in with the following statement:

"The safety of our students is our first priority. We are grateful for the law enforcement officials who keep the community well-informed. GPS school staff and parents are always alert and watchful for the safety of our students."

LA - Seeking help for someone

The following was sent to us via the contact form and posted with the users permission.

By A:
Hello. I know someone who was wrongfully accused of a sex crime in the New Orleans, LA area. I was wondering if you could point me in a direction where I might find help for someone in his situation. He is indigent and cannot afford to hire an attorney.